What Is A Rad Must-Buy Xbox One Game For Every Gen Z?

We totally can relate to Gen Z people because we don’t want boring video games. We love video games with breathtaking game elements that will bring us a memorable and phenomenal gaming experience. Some of the best video games that can give us that intensity vibe that we wanted are shooter games. Playing shooter games will give you sweaty palms and will make your heartbeat so fast. Every moment is intense and exhilarating!

We gathered a list of heart-pounding shooter games. Each video game is a must-buy Xbox One game that you should never miss!

  • Crysis Remastered
  • Disintegration
  • Hyper Scape
  • Project Warlock
  • RICO
  • Sniper Elite V2 Remastered
  • Void Bastards
  • Warface: Breakout

It’s time to load out your gun and shoot enemies. You can play in single-player campaign mode or you can team up with your friends online in multiplayer mode. Scavenge for items and find loot. Immerse yourself with breathtaking locations. Let’s dig into each must-buy Xbox One game!

Must-Buy Xbox One Game List

Crysis Remastered

Must-Buy Xbox One Game #1

This incredible game takes place in a fictional setting called the Lingshan Islands. The island is said to be near the coast of the eastern Philippines. Crysis Remastered has a futuristic feature. The game revolves around discovering an ancient-built structure buried in a mountain. This mountain is located in Lingshan Islands.

If you are going to play the single-player campaign mode, you will play as the main protagonist of the game. He is U.S. Army Delta Force Soldier Jake Dunn. Since the game has a futuristic feature, Jake Dunn has a futuristic weapon and equipment called “Nanosuit”. Even if it looks futuristic, it has a touch of a real-life military look.

Your enemies in this game are North Korean and exterritorial entities. Some of the best weapons that you can acquire and fight against these enemies are gauss rifles (coilguns), the MOAC (an alien weapon that fires high-velocity ice shards), and the TAC gun (a nuclear grenade launcher).

You can also ride vehicles such as trucks, tanks, and light military hovercraft. Explore different maps including Mesa, Beach, Plantation, Outpost, and Quarry area.


Must-Buy Xbox One Game #2

What are you going to do if the only hope for humanity is preserving human brains in robotic armatures? In this game, you are going to experience that fantastic concept. Disintegration is not just your ordinary shooter game because this video game has a compelling concept.

In this game, you are going to play as Romer Shoal. Romer is a former Gravcycle pilot. Since the last hope for humanity is through integration, scientists started performing experiments. Romer was not against integration not until a militant group came into the picture. They are called Rayonne. They acquired a superpower due to experimentation and since they have the power, they are forcing all humans to join the integration process. Romer doesn’t want that to happen because freedom is oppressed.

With the chaotic scenario created by this militant group, Romer with his group of outlaws started to confront Rayonne. Since Rayonne has superpowers, you can use a prototype laser weapon to battle against them.

Hyper Scape

Must-Buy Xbox One Game #3

Hyper Scape is a fast-paced shooter game that you will definitely enjoy! It features an urban-futuristic vibe which is totally cool. You are going to explore cities and mines in this amazing game. The map in Hyper Scape is called Neo Arcadia.

You are going to find and collect loot that obtain abilities inside. These lootable abilities can serve as power-ups and these abilities will definitely change how you are going to play the game. There are also times that you will fight in the streets or on rooftops. Every moment is heart-pounding!

Aim to be the last one standing in this game. You can also take the Crown and win the victory. There are weapons that will help you fight against the opponents. These weapons are Skybreaker (a rocket launcher), Protocol V, and Hexfire.

Project Warlock

Must-Buy Xbox One Game #4

Project Warlock looks like a classic game because the game is inspired by ’90 shooter video games. This amazing game features a light role-playing game mechanic where after completing a certain level, the player will go back to the warlock’s workshop in order to purchase and upgrade new weapons and perks.

The game focuses on battling with lots of enemies and bosses in a non-linear level setting. There is a character progression whenever you win each level. Aside from battling with enemies, you also need to gather loot, find power-ups, weapons, and ammo, and look out for keys that you need in order to exit the secret arenas.

There are lots of maps that you are going to explore. Some of the maps are The Chambers of Agony, The Deadlands, and The Courtyards. You can use some powerful weapons to fight the enemies and bosses in the game. These are Flak Cannons, Heavy Bolters, and Supersonic Rockets.


Must-Buy Xbox One Game #5

If you want to play an intense first-person action game, RICO is a great choice! You are going to play as a loose cannon police detective from the RICO task force. Your main mission is to hunt down these criminals and pay the price that they deserve. The challenge is you only have 24 hours to hunt and take down these evil criminals.

You can also team up with your friend to accomplish this mission. RICO features local couch co-op or online co-op mode. This game also associates procedurally-generated cases. You can unlock mission types. There is a possibility that you will be surprised by who you are going to fight next round. You can also unlock weapons and traits that will help you rank high in the cop rankings.

The best weapon to use in taking down criminals is a shotgun. Will you be able to solve the case in 24 hours?

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered

Must-Buy Xbox One Game #6

It’s time to play as an elite sniper. You are going to play as the main protagonist of this game — Karl Fairburne. You are tasked to prevent the Red Army from acquiring the Nazi V2 Rocket Technology. In order to accomplish this mission, you should terminate anyone who will hinder your way. You have to master powerful weapons, hunt down targets, and shoot them using your weapon.

Since you are a sniper, you need to be skillful. Once you shoot the target, you can visually witness how the bullet will enter the target’s body. That exact moment is truly gratifying. Kudos to the game’s X-ray Kill Camera Detail.

There are 10 missions in the game. However, some of the missions are divided into part 1 and part 2. You are going to explore these locations in the game — Mittelwerk Facility, St. Olibartus Church, and Kreuzberg Headquarters. There are targets that you need to take down in each location. You can use a submachine gun, launcher, and assault rifle to terminate them.

Void Bastards

Must-Buy Xbox One Game #7

It’s time to take the lead. You are going to be the leader of the rag-tag Void Bastards. These Void Bastards are prisoners stranded in a vessel.

Your mission is to find your way out of the Sargasso Nebula. Since you are the leader, you are going to be the one in charge of making decisions. In making decisions, you need to decide on which path to go, enemies to fight, and what to do next.

There are tons of enemies that you will be facing in the game. You need a solid strategy to implement in your group in order to terminate these strange enemies. You are going to enter lots of ships with different kinds of enemies. Another mission that you need to complete is to repair your own ship. In that case, you need to scavenge for items.

The challenging part of this game is when you die, all the fuel, food, and ammunition that you scavenged will all be gone. However, your weapons are saved including their upgrades. Some of the weapons that you will be using to face the enemies are Big Banger, Boomwhacker, and Glow Spiker.

Warface: Breakout

Must-Buy Xbox One Game #8

Another fantastic worth playing shooter game with a strategic game element is here. Warface: Breakout is not just your ordinary shooter game because you need to form strategies and be tactical in accomplishing missions. Aside from shooting enemies, you also need to perform other objectives such as planting or defusing bombs from your rivals.

There are 5 maps that you can play with. When your objective is to plant bombs, your enemies will try to defuse them. To prevent them from defusing, you can shoot them with weapons like Beretta M9, Browning High Power, and Hydro-Disintegrator. The same thing goes when you are trying to defuse the bomb, you can assign your teammate to protect you and shoot the enemies while you are defusing the bomb.

You can choose between two teams — The Wardens, and Reapers. Each team is composed of five players. There are 30 weapons that you can use to terminate enemies.

Time To Loadout

For other people, shooter games are all about firing guns and throwing grenades. But, with the continuous improvement of shooter games, this outlook perceived by other people is paving away into a positive one. There are several elements added in shooter games. Some shooter games have sub-genres like role-playing and adventure games. By adding these game elements, shooter games are played in a more exciting and gratifying way.

Aside from futuristic and classic weapons used in shooter games, a compelling narrative story also became a game-changer in this line of the game. Game plots make a huge difference in gameplay. You are able to portray a character such as being a soldier, detective, or prisoner escaping from a vessel. This added game element makes the overall shooter game experience remarkable.

Among each must-buy Xbox One game, which one did you like the most? When you buy a video game, you are basically adding this to your collection. It is like a gun being loaded with bullets. The bullets resemble the video games added to your collection. So, what are you waiting for? Check out these cool and intensifying shooter games now!




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We are a video game retailer specializing in video games, consoles and other electronics! Our website is https://ogreatgames.com/.

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