10 Must-Buy Video Game Options For Every Gamer Who Loves Ancient Greek Mythology

Many video games were inspired by Ancient Greek Mythology. There comes the famous God of War video game series that shows how incredible it is if Greek Mythology is incorporated with video games. This concept is truly an art. There are tons of video games that are based on Ancient Greek Mythology. Each must-buy video game is very interesting to play in.

If you are interested in playing video games inspired by Ancient Greek Mythology, we gathered a list of video games worth checking out. Each must-buy video game in this list has a great storyline and breathtaking action combat scenes. Take a look:

  • Apotheon
  • Eternity: The Last Unicorn
  • Glory Of Heracles
  • Hades
  • Heracles Chariot Racing
  • Hero Of Sparta
  • Okhlos
  • Raji: An Ancient Epic
  • Rise Of The Argonauts
  • Viking — Wolves Of Midgard

What makes each must-buy video game interesting to play is how it tells us the story of the characters. We are also given the chance to play as the god or goddess character in the game. So if you are excited to dive into the past and explore the history of each must-buy video game inspired by Ancient Greek Mythology, let’s get started!

Video Games Inspired By Ancient Greek Myth


Genre: Action / Role-Playing Game

Must-Buy Video Game #1

In this game, you are going to play as Nikandreos. He is a young warrior. With the help of Hera, he will fight against the Olympian gods because the Olympian gods abandoned humanity. You have to climb up to Mount Olympus in order to battle with them.

The game features a 2D art style. The weapons that your character will use looks like the ones being seen in Greek Mythology. Some of these weapons are swords, spears, and arrows. Aside from the Olympus gods, you are also going to fight with mythical creatures. You have to pass through the Forests of Artemis and other Gods’ sanctuaries.

Aside from these weapons, you are going to use armor. Each armor has a degree of protection. Some armors could be easily broken while some could take longer combats. When your armor is broken, you can repair it using Repair Kits.

Eternity: The Last Unicorn

Genre: Action / Fighting / Adventure / Role-Playing Game

Must-Buy Video Game #2

In this game, you will play the role of a young Elf named Aurehen. Your main mission is to free the last Unicorn from witchcraft. By completing this mission, you are able to save the lives of all the Elves because the existence of Elves has something to do with the Unicorns.

There are 4 Unicorns given to The Elves by The Holy Goddess Marea. However, these unicorns are taken away by witchcraft. Only one survived and was found by The Fairies. Aurehen has also bestowed a power to free the curse of the Unicorn and The Elves.

During your quest, you will meet lots of fantasy characters. You will be traveling between different breathtaking locations. Gather and upgrade your weapons. Level up your skills and abilities so that you can battle with witchcraft once you face them.

Glory Of Heracles

Genre: Role-Playing Game

Must-Buy Video Game #3

The game features a turn-based battle mechanic in which the character will attack the enemy after the enemy attacks the character, vice versa. The setup of the game features a five-column and two-row grid setting where the characters and opponents will battle. Since there are two rows in this grid, the front row serves as the positioning of characters that can perform melee attacks. The positioning of characters that can perform range attacks land on the back row.

You can explore the environment and learn new skills. You can also cast some magic spells. The source of magic spells is called The Ether. The Ether is divided into 5 elements: Fire, Wind, Earth, Dark, and Ice. You can also upgrade your weapons as the game progresses.


Genre: Action / Role-Playing Game

Must-Buy Video Game #4

The game focuses on the journey of Hades’ son. You will assume to play the role of Zagreus. Your main goal is to escape the Underworld and proceed to Mount Olympus. But before you finally reach Mount Olympus, you will face lots of enemies in the game. The enemies are found in many rooms that you are about to enter. In order to take down the enemies, you have to use a weapon, magic ability, and dash power.

Zagreus is also bestowed different kinds of gifts from the Olympians. The gift is based on what the Olympian can give like lightning effects and such. Even if Zagreus is bestowed with gifts by the Olympians, there is still a possibility that he can die. Once he’s dead, he will face his father — Hades. Hades will remove all the gifts bestowed by the Olympians from the last round. Will you make it to Mount Olympus?

Heracles Chariot Racing

Genre: Racing

Must-Buy Video Game #5

If you are looking for a fun and exhilarating video game based on Greek Myth, this racing game is what you are looking for! In this game, the player can control one from different Greek Mythology gods and goddesses (characters) such as Heracles, Poseidon, and Medusa to name some.

The game features a 3D setting. You can choose between Single Race Mode, Battle Mode, or Championship Mode. During Championship Mode, you can race in different mythical environments including Mount Olympus. You can also select the difficulty mode when racing with AI characters. Choose between easy, normal, and hard. Win trophies such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You can also use weaponry based on your chosen character to slow down your opponents.

Hero Of Sparta

Genre: Action-Adventure

Must-Buy Video Game #6

Are you ready to fight mythical beasts and Greek Mythology bosses? In this game, you will assume to play the role of a Spartan King. In order to take down these mythical beasts, you need powerful weapons and armor. The main protagonist is equipped with a sword and shield. He also owns the following items: Andromeda Chains, Medusa’s Shields, and Chronos’ Sword.

Alongside these powerful weapons, you can also collect orbs. Each orb can help your character be a lot stronger. A red orb can grant your XP points. A green orb is used to restore health which is perfect to use during battles. A blue orb can restore magical energy whenever you cast spells. Later on, you will be facing the following bosses: The Keeper (cyclops), Cerberus (three-headed dog), and Hades (final boss).


Genre: Action / Roguelike

Must-Buy Video Game #7

In this game, you will assume to play the role of an unnamed philosopher who witnessed the maltreatment of Olympian gods to humankind. It was said that the Olympian gods are turning people into animals and killing innocent people. He decided to inform all humankind and he managed to form a mob composed of people who once praised the Olympian gods.

Since the mob is opposed to Olympian gods, they will attack the enemies led by the philosopher controlled by the player. There are 8 worlds in this game. You cannot choose which world to play because it is procedurally generated. The rule of this game when the philosopher dies is that he can play another philosopher character that belongs in the mob. However, if there is no one left, the game is finally over.

Raji: An Ancient Epic

Genre: Action / Adventure

Must-Buy Video Game #8

In this game, you will assume to play the role of a young girl named Raji who in a quest to save his brother Golu and the entire human race from the demons. Raji is chosen by the gods and bestowed the responsibility to save the human race. She willingly accepted it because her brother was captured by demons.

Since Raji is just a simple human being, the gods gifted her weapons and powers to end this war. Each time that you face demons, you need to form strategies on how you will defeat them. Alongside this journey, you will be visiting places and solving ancient puzzles. Can you save your brother and the entire human race?

Rise Of The Argonauts

Genre: Action / Role-Playing Game

Must-Buy Video Game #9

You will assume to play the role of the king of Iolcus named Jason. You are about to marry Alceme, the daughter of Mycenaean King but unfortunate things happened. Alceme is assassinated on the wedding day. Jason killed the assassin and brought Alceme’s body to the temple where the wedding is supposed to happen. The temple became Alceme’s catacomb.

There is one thing that Jason should obtain in order to revive Alceme. Jason needs to travel to Delphi and obtain the Golden Fleece. Get ready to fight with mythical beasts and Ionian mercenaries while you are on a quest to revive Alceme.

Viking — Wolves Of Midgard

Genre: Action / Role-Playing Game

Must-Buy Video Game #10

Play as the clan chief in Viking — Wolves Of Midgard. As the protagonist of the game, your main mission is to save the village of Midgard from destruction. In order to complete this mission, you have to collect blood from dead enemies and sacrifice them to the gods. With that, gods will bestow you gifts that will strengthen your power. Embrace yourselves because this game is bloody and intense.

Final Remarks

What makes video games inspired by Ancient Greek Mythology more interesting is that these video games feature the rich culture and history of the characters. Each must-buy video game teaches us to be fearless and it makes us realize that humans can make a difference to the world. We are powerful but we should be careful about how we use our power. These video games bring such good experience with great learnings indeed.

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