Best Things That You Can Experience By Buying and Playing Different Gaming Genres

What is your number one choice when it comes to gaming genres? Wait, you thought that all video games are all about brawling and shooting guns only? Well, you have come to the right place because we will talk about some of the best gaming genres that might stimulate new interest in you or might add more ideas to your gaming knowledge and in addition to that, we will also be talking about video games from each gaming genre.

Now take a look at these gaming genres and ask yourself if you are familiar with them:

  • Action
  • Fighting
  • First-Person Shooter
  • Battle Royale
  • Puzzle
  • Racing
  • Role-Playing
  • Simulation
  • Sports
  • Survival Horror

Do you know how it feels to play different types of gaming genres? You can experience it by buying video games and trying them one by one. With that, you will be familiarized with different video games and you will know yourself better when it comes to your gaming preference. Let’s dig into these gaming genres and let’s see which video games will exhilarate you the most!

Must-Play Video Games From Each Genre

1. Action Video Games

Do you know how you are going to use your eye-hand coordination skills by playing video games? Well, you can experience it by buying action video games. This gaming genre focuses on physical challenges that require eye-hand coordination skills because most action video games challenge the player’s reflex. Most of the time, your character in the game will experience attacks from enemies that will impact their health and lives. In terms of gameplay, most action video games are fast-paced.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Aside from the fast-paced gameplay that you can experience by buying Batman: Arkham Knight, you will also be in awe with its action combat element. This game is worth every penny.

Of course, given its title, you will be playing as Batman. Batman is known for powerful movements which you will also see in the actual game. Immerse yourself with a more-detailed famous Gotham City. This game is also open-world so you have to explore it with your Batmobile.

Batmobile is your character’s vehicle that can be transformed into a tank and you can use it as your weapon in battling with villains. The details are insane and the combat mechanic is fantastic! You can even team up with Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman. There is a part in the game where you will be having a quick flash scenario of these superheroes and with that, you can summon those 3 for more powerful combat.

This game is truly iconic and it could be the best Batman game ever!

2. Battle Royale Video Games

The challenge of being the last player standing that you can experience by buying battle royal video games is a legendary feeling as a player. It is truly rewarding. Most battle royale games are online and can be played in multiplayer mode. Explore the environment, scavenge for items, and look for loot and weapons. Battle Royale focuses on single players forming teams to fight against the other team. The one and only goal in this genre is to keep fighting for you and your team until the end.

Hyper Scape

In this game, you will be dropped off on a battlefield. The fast-paced gameplay setting that you can experience by buying Hyper Space is fantastic. Everything is smooth from the characters’ movements and camera angles which make the game outstanding. You need to survive and be the last one standing to win a victory. Keep in mind that you can’t die in this game.

To win the game, you need powerful weapons such as Mammoth MK 1, Riot One, and Skybreaker. There are also lots of locations where you can play the game. To name some, we have Limelight, Tora Garden, and Voltaic Lot. The common map that you can see in most battles in Hyper Scape is set on Neo Arcadia — an urban-like map. You can jump on rooftops while shooting the enemies. You have the freedom to navigate your character.

3. Fighting Video Games

Close combat is just one of the best things that you can experience by buying fighting video games. There is the time duration in most games that fall under this genre. With that time duration, you need to beat up the opponent. You are also able to showcase every character’s abilities because they differ from one another. Most fighting video games are focused on combo movements to defeat the AI opponent or one of your friends that could be your opponent.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

The nostalgic feeling that you can experience by buying Dragon Ball FighterZ is truly remarkable. This game has been our favorite childhood anime and it never gets old. The concept is simple but chaotic especially when it’s time to face off with the opponent. Block and attack the opponent by performing combo movements.

There are a total of 24 characters to choose from. In one game, you can use and switch between 3 characters which turned the whole game into another level. Each character is unique and has its own powerful ability. Some of the famous and strong characters are Goku, Vegeta, and Beerus.

Some of Goku’s powerful abilities are straight punch, rising knee, and shockwave. With Vegeta, his strong abilities are super dash kick, ki blast rush, and big bang attack. And here comes Beerus with his destruction god’s fierce attack, headbutt, and downward punch. Some of the backdrop locations are Rocky Field, West City, and Cell Games Arena.

4. First-Person Shooter Video Games

Seeing your enemies getting killed with your own hands in the eyes of your character is just one of the things that you can experience by buying first-person shooter video games. This genre mostly focuses on different types of gun weapons and gunfights. Usually, there is a map that will guide the player throughout the game. The most common enemies are demons, robots, and monsters.

Rage 2

Having energetic and gratifying gameplay are just some of the remarkable things that you can experience by buying Rage 2. The moment that you loaded your weapon, it is hard to stop firing these AI cyber creature enemies. You can really feel the rage of the character.

It is oddly satisfying to see your body’s enemies blasting by a strong kinetic power coming from your weapon. It keeps on fueling the fire inside you to defeat these cyber creatures. Speaking of weapons, we have Smart Rocket Launcher, Firestorm Revolver, and Charged Plasma Cannon. You can also ride vehicles such as BG Burger Storm Chaser, Dumper Truck, and Wind Razor.

Some of the skills that you can use to make your character stronger are Vortex, Focus, and Grav-Jump. Explore breathtaking locations like Vineland, Lagooney Town, and Dreadwood Town. You can hunt for chests which are also part of side missions.

5. Puzzle Video Games

Solving puzzles is mostly the content that you can experience by buying puzzle video games. You need to use your brain and problem-solving skills to solve puzzles. Think rational because you will be challenged by different types of puzzles that might be composed of blocks and pieces which are just some common types. This genre can be played by kids and adults but they always differ in content and difficulty.

Human: Fall Flat

A game full of fun is just one of the things that you can experience by buying Human: Fall Flat. This game is hilarious! You might find yourself smiling while solving puzzles. It is a perfect mixture of fun and challenging game.

The character in this game is so squishy! Looks so soft! You are in full control of its movement because of its body physics mechanics. Their movement is wobbling which makes it funnier. You can watch it clearly because the game is set in a third-person view.

There are a total of 15 levels that includes a mansion, train, and mountain where you will be solving different types of puzzles. The customization mode is pretty nice because you can put a hat with headphones, sweatshirts, and pants to your character. You can play this game in single-player mode or local co-op mode.

6. Racing Video Games

Your dream of joining a racing competition is just one of the things that you can experience by buying racing video games. Changing your view from first-person to third-person view is phenomenal. You can participate in racing competitions in different locations like on land, water, air, or even in the galaxy. The speed and accuracy of your vehicle are crucial in winning any racing video game.

The Crew 2

This is an open-world racing game. You have the freedom to switch from air vehicle to land vehicle to water vehicle while racing. Isn’t it amazing? That is a never before seen racing game feature.

Explore the breathtaking cities of the USA. To name some cities, we have Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York. There are events that you can join such as Along The Mississippi, Canyon By Night, and Black Hills West. Earn rewards by participating in these events. You can use these rewards for customization.

The vehicle selection is diverse so hands down. Take a look! These are just some of the best vehicles that you can ride in the game.

Air Vehicles: Extra Aerobatics 330SC, Slick Aircraft Slick 360HP, North American P62 Mustang Strega

Land Vehicles: Ferrari 488 Pista, Harley-Davidson Iron 883, Hummer H1 Alpha Evo 2

Water Vehicles: Proto Leopard, Aerobat SV12, Ice Marine Bladerunner 35

7. Role-Playing Video Games

You need to play in your character’s shoes. This type of genre has a story to tell. You need to know about your character’s personality and history. You have full control of your player’s action. It is like playing your imaginary character in a video game.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The story revolves around Henry — the son of a blacksmith and the protagonist of this game. The Hungarian King plans to raid the mining village of Skalitz and Henry will join the group of Lord Radzig who is against the plan of The Hungarian King. With that, a war just began.

Right from the beginning of the game, there is a trio of bandits that will fight against you and test your capability. You have your longsword with you. When it comes to the mode of transportation, you have your horse with you.

Overall, this game is engaging because of its well-written narrative and beautiful world. It feels surreal playing in a medieval setting.

8. Simulation Video Games

Doing real-world activities is one of the things that you can experience by buying simulation video games. Sometimes, we just want to control our lives freely and with this type of game, you have the capability to do so. Simulation video games focus on realism. You need to analyze situations and think of how you will control your character.

The Sims 4

This well-known video game falls under the simulation gaming genre. One of this game’s unique features is the Simlish Language. You may not understand what they are saying but with their realistic actions, you can see what they are trying to say.

You can be whoever you want to be in this game. There are aspirations to achieve and milestones to reach. You also need to monitor your Sim’s hunger, bladder, and energy. Those are just some of their stats. The diversity of character customization is fantastic.

Build mode is phenomenal and it is getting better and better with expansion packs released. Some of the best packs of this game are Island Living, Nifty Knitting, and Snowy Escape. If you only have the base game, you don’t have to worry because base game items are also superb.

In build mode, there is a hack when you run out of money. It is considered a legal cheat because you just have to type “motherlode” and instantly, you will have 50,000 simoleons. With these simoleons, you can create different types of houses like micro-home, tiny home, or 1 million simoleon mansion. Even with consoles, this game is playable.

9. Sports Video Games

Putting real-world sports to video games is one of the best things that you can experience by buying sports video games. You need to go out just to play sports but you can play inside your home. This genre offers board games, ball games, and sports combat games. There is a touch of fiction when it comes to locations and characters. It still depends on the concept of the game.

Mutant Football League

Calling all sports gamers! This is your chance to play an exciting football game. The aesthetic of this game is top-notch! The species of characters that you can play in this game are monster orcs, werewolves, and criminal aliens. You can play in single-player mode and co-op mode (up to 4 local players).

To name some of the teams that you can join, we have Tokyo Terminators, Leaveland Burns, and Malice Hellboys. There are lots of teams in the game which makes it outstanding. Speaking of diversity, the number of stadiums is also a lot. Some of them are Arrow In Your Head Stadium, Stairway To Heaven Arena, and Don’t Ever Bank Here Field.

10. Survival Horror Video Games

The eerie atmosphere and fighting disturbing enemies are just some of the things that you can experience by buying survival horror video games. Survive and protect yourself no matter what. Explore the environment and unravel secrets. Get ready to scream and shout with jump scares.


In this game, we won’t be talking about creepy monsters trying to rip your body into pieces. Soma is a mind-boggling game that will keep you thinking even if you finish the game. This is a different type of survival horror game. This one focuses on physiological thrills.

You need to access computers and figure out passwords. Solve challenging puzzles. You have to make sure that you remember every detail in the game because you will need all of these until you finish the game. The research facility setting perfectly fits the theme of the game. And in this game, you will be hiding from robots.

Be careful because you don’t have any defensive weapons in this game. So, how will you survive? It is for you to find out.

Final Remarks

We’ve talked about ten gaming genres that you might like and we also shared one video game from each genre. Take note that there are also sub-genres to some video games. This indicates that video games’ diversity is truly outstanding and we can’t wait for more awesome video games to come.

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