The Best Nintendo Switch Games Of All Time

As gamers, we have always wanted to have the best among the rest and we want to explore different games. We don’t settle for less. We always strive to have the best gaming experience that we will ever have. In order to have a full blast experience in gaming, you need to have a combination of a great console and a great list of games.

As the digital world evolves almost every day with new technologies, devices, and gadgets which are planned and offered to the market, we have a lot of options to choose from. And one of the best video game consoles being invented by Nintendo is called Nintendo Switch.

What makes Nintendo Switch stand out from other consoles? You can bring and play Nintendo Switch anytime and anywhere. There are a variety of games if you want to explore different games.

Aside from its portability and well-designed colourful console, you can explore different games based on your taste or your current mood. If you want to play some action games, they have something to offer. If you want to play something light and fun, they also have something to offer because that is what they want and it is to give every gamer a different genre to play.

If you’re planning to buy a Nintendo Switch, or if you already have one and you don’t know which games to play with, we made an array list of the best Nintendo Switch Games of all times! We gathered 13 games to share with you and we will talk about them one by one so that you will have an overview. So make sure to list down all these games, if you want to explore different games. Let’s start, shall we?

Best Nintendo Switch Games To Play

13. Elliot Quest

Genre: Metroidvania / Adventure / Role-Playing Game

Overview: This game is a breath of fresh air if you want to explore different games. With its simple pixel graphics, you will still get hooked and you will definitely enjoy the game. The story revolves on Elliot, a victim of a rare demon curse. This demon is slowly consuming Elliot’s strong energy. While exploring the different worlds, Elliot will face many enemies and using his bow and arrow, he will fight them all. He will jump blocks to blocks and eye them with his bow and arrow which you can mostly see in platform games. You can also monitor your Statistics such as your strength, agility and accuracy level. You have four lives by default and when you are attacked by the enemies, your lives will decrease but don’t worry, you can shoot some pots using your bow and arrow to regain your health and obtain items that you can use in your adventure. The game also has caves and tunnels that will take you from one world to another one. There are enemies to defeat in other worlds and when you feel that you need something to help you with the adventure, you can purchase and use them. So, if you haven’t played any Metroidvania game, Elliot Quest is a good start!

12. Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers

Genre: ‎Combat Flight Simulator

Overview: Are you one of those people who get excited with planes implanted with guns and bombs to destroy the opponent? If you’re one of those people, then you will definitely enjoy being the pilot of this game! Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers is a Combat Flight Simulator game that has one of the most satisfying flying mechanics. In this game, you are the pilot. You will choose which side to team up whether it is with the United States Navy or with the Imperial Japanese Navy. The storyline is detailed and accurate. The game has historical settings and vintage style films. The planes are also designed historically on point. You will also be guided with the missions and objectives that you need to accomplish. After you familiarize yourself with controlling the plane, you’re good to go! Whichever side you choose from, make sure to take down the opponent — that is the number one goal of the game. This is a must try if you want to explore different games like combat flight simulator games.

11. Minecraft

Genre: Sandbox / Survival

Overview: Minecraft is a must-add game to your library if you want to explore different games. In this game, you can create and customize your game where you test your creativity skills. The customization feature comes up with free updates and community creations. You also have access to explore infinite worlds, amazing community-made maps, servers, and exhilarating mini-games that you will surely enjoy playing too. There is also a feature where you can play with friends online on console, mobile and Windows 10. You can also simply share the amazing adventure at home in a split-screen multiplayer setting. Minecraft Nintendo Switch also comes up with lots of packs that require downloading and this includes Super Mario Mash-up Pack, Natural Texture Pack, Biome Settlers Skin Pack, Battle and Beasts Skin Pack, and Campfire Tales Skin Pack. A big thumbs up!

10. Conduct Together

Genre: Action Game

Overview: An award-winning railway action game. Doesn’t it sound amazing? At first, it is just a simple game but as time goes by, it is surprisingly a game that needs strategies in order to achieve progress. The difficulty level makes it more challenging and exciting. This is definitely a great game to challenge your brain because you are also going to solve puzzles in order to have the perfect solution needed for the game. With its gameplay, complex level design and simple yet charming aesthetic, this is definitely recommended if you want to explore different games. Another feature is that you can play it with your friends.You and your friend can conduct together. So what are you waiting for? All aboard, the train is ready to go!

9. Cuphead

Genre: Shooter / Platform Game

Overview: Cuphead is a magical wonderful game which is basically a classic run and gun action game that is entirely focused on boss battles. Another interesting fact is that the characters in this game are inspired by cartoons in the 1930’s which makes it more retro and interesting. This is what it looks like when you incorporate a game from then to now. Some of Cuphead’s characters are Beppi The Clown, Captain Brineybeard, Croaks, King Dice, Ms. Chalice, Mugman, Ribby and Satan. We are loving the unique art style of the characters because it feels surreal. It is like you are looking back to old-school animation. The goal in this game is to explore strange worlds, acquire cool weapons, learn powerful super moves, and discover mysteries and hidden secrets until you face and fight with the devil, Satan. This game is an absolute masterpiece and a must-play game if you want to explore different games.

8. Burnout Paradise Remastered

Genre: Racing Video Game

Overview: One of the most phenomenal racing video games in Nintendo Switch. Burnout Paradise is the seventh game in the Burnout series. This game is everything you wanted in a racing game especially if you want to explore different games. The graphics are definitely fantastic with its outstanding and realistic visuals. As you race throughout the place, you are able to spot many shortcuts to win and you can also do huge jumps which are considered classic in terms of racing games. You can take up full crazy speeds and might as well do drifts. What a fun game to play! This may be a little expensive for some, but this game is an absolute blast to play with its 60fps! Well done, EA!

7. Moto Rush GT

Genre: Arcade / Racing / Sports / Action

Overview: Taking up your racing game into a new level? From car to motor racing? Cool! We recommend you Moto Rush GT for a great sense of racing gameplay if you want to explore different games. You are able to experience a thrilling high-speed arcade driving experience! Aside from Nintendo Switch hardware, you can also play it in your Nintendo Labo Kit. This game comes up with different locations and different seasons as well. Moto Rush GT provides 12 motorbikes which are all customizable and it is up to you on how you will design it and which motorbike to choose for racing. There are 100 levels in career mode that you should beat in a high-speed. Make sure that you are all geared up and enjoy this game!

6. SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom — Rehydrated

Genre: Action / Adventure / Platform Game

Overview: Nostalgic. We all grew up with Spongebob Squarepants. We are all familiar with his giggles and funny stories together with his friends, Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, Squidward Tentacles, Mr. Krabs and the famous antagonist, Plankton of Chum Bucket. Spongebob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom — Rehydrated focuses on Plankton’s evil plan which is to steal the Krabby Patty formula, his agenda ever since.

Since this is a platform game, Spongebob Squarepants has super abilities such as double jump, aspin attack with his bubble blower, a downward stomp, and an upward thrust. Aside from Spongebob SquarePants, you can also use Patrick Star as your main character. Patrick Star has the ability to throw objects and stun enemies. Of course, Sandy Cheeks is also part of the game. Sandy Cheeks can use her lasso to cross gaps in the game. You can choose any of the three characters which one you want to play but Spongebob is more recommended because of his abilities.

This game has one of the best Nintendo Switch game graphics. It is definitely pleasing to the eyes. All in all, Spongebob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom — Rehydrated is a wonderful remake and incredibly fun to play if you want to explore different games.

5. Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour

Genre: First-Person Shooter / Shooter / Action / Multiplayer

Overview: Bringing back the classic. Duke Nukem 3D was one of the best PC Shooters in early 1990’s because of its storyline, incredibly detailed world, humour style, and different fantastic weapons. The gameplay, sound effects, graphics, and replay value are superb! Duke Nukem is considered as a noble saviour that protects and saves the world from domination, once again. This game is known as the world’s greatest action hero in Nintendo Switch. It also includes all four episodes and an all-new episode that you will surely enjoy. You can explore the eight new different maps included in the game. If you ever play Duke Nukem before, you will definitely feel the glory of the original season while playing as the first-person shooter. Be the king of the world and never let these aliens dominate the Earth. Always remember that you are incredibly competent and a strong shooter. Now go and shoot those aliens!

4. STAR WARS Episode I: Racer

Genre: Racing Video Game

Overview: Are you a Star Wars fan? If yes, this game is for you! If not and if you want to explore different games, we recommend this to you! This game is known as a fan-favourite racing game that includes high-speed racing gameplay. Don’t worry! Even if it is insanely high-speed, the controls are still manageable even if you race on different terrains. Aside from its main purpose which is to race and win, you can also enter tournaments with a chosen character. The racers that will place on first, second and third place will have winning prizes. This is a domino effect because when you win a race, you are able to unlock new tracks where you can also race. In order to always stay on top and win races, you need to upgrade your podracers by using the prize money that you have won from the previous races. There are four circuits which you can discover and explore including Amateur Podracing Circuit, Semipro Podracing Circuit, Galactic Podracing Circuit, and Invitational Podracing Circuit.

As we stated before, you can choose which racer character your personality most likely fits in. There are so called Starting Racers which you can use if you haven’t unlocked the other racers. The Starting Racers are Anakin Skywalker, Dud Bolt, Ebe Endocott, Elan Mak, Gasgano, and Ody Mandrell. If you’re an avid fan of Star Wars, you will definitely recognize them. After gaining enough money to use the Unlockable Racers, you are able to use the following: Aldar Beedo, Ark “Bumpy” Roose, Ben Quadinaros, Boles Roor, Bozzie Baranta, and many more!

This game deserves the spot as one of the best Nintendo Switch games of all times. Take note! You can compete in split screen. Exciting! May the best racer, win!

3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Genre: Action / Adventure

Overview: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is not just a game but a memorable and remarkable experience for every gamer and for those who want to explore different games. The gameplay may take a while for playing it for days and hours but it is totally worth it. Your goal is to save the world. Ever since the powerful evil destroys much of the world, they have taken control in reclaiming castles and bringing chaos to the world. A dangerous place, indeed. You will play the role of Link, the Hero of Hyrule which is known as the protagonist in the game.

In order to defeat the powerful evil, you need to use powerful weapons as well. You can have wild weapons such as swords, spears, clubs, hammers, axes, bows, rods, and boomerangs. You can also have these armours including shield, head clothing, body clothing, and leg clothing that will serve as protection.

There are many ways of traversal or exploration in the game. You can explore by foot, horse, and fast travel. Another feature added is that Link, the protagonist, can now climb any surface that you will encounter including mountains, castles, or anything that can virtually climb in the game.

Throughout the gameplay, you cannot prevent yourself from enjoying the game. You will discover new places and puzzles to solve with. This could be the best action-adventure open-world game that you will ever play if you want to explore different games. From the storyline, fantastic visuals, music masterpiece, this game will definitely catch your heart. Do you want to hype the game even more? Better play it yourself!

2. Super Mario Party

Genre: Party / Action / Multiplayer

Overview: Super Mario Party offers not just one and not just two but eighty (80) brand new mini games! Can you believe it? Having multiple mini games to play in just one packed game! The idea is superb and interesting! This is definitely for you if you want to explore different games. Every mini game is worth every penny. Here are the top 20 of Super Mario Party mini games:

Lost in the Shuffle / Maths of Glory / Trike Harder / Pull It Together / Don’t Wake Wiggler / Precision Gardening / Fiddler on the Hoof / Rumble Fishing / Follow the Money / Wiped Out / Juice Box / Timing Is Money / Strike It Rich / Rhythm and Bruise / Suit Yourselves / Croozin’ for a Broozin’ / Baton and On / Pep Rally / Looking for Love / Clearing the Table / Nut Cases

There you have it — a list of Super Mario Party mini games. They all consist of a different genre. From brawler games to arcade games to quiz games, Super Mario Party got them all! You can play these games either solo or duo. And you know what? This is the first ever Super Mario game where you can have four co-op players to play the game! Best buy if you want to explore different games with your friends. This is definitely a Nintendo Switch gem!

1. Pokémon Sword and Shield

Genre: Role-Playing Game

Overview: The Pokémon game that we all have been waiting for is finally here and it is Pokémon Sword and Shield. This is the eighth generation in the Pokémon Video Game Series. The gameplay is most likely every Pokémon game which you are going to start your journey as a Pokémon Trainer named Victor, the male protagonist in the game. He is from the Galar region. He is quite a silent-type guy but he is definitely competitive when it comes to Pokémon League.

To start your journey as a Pokémon Trainer, you will pick one out of three Pokemon Starters: Grookey, Scorbunny, or Sobble. These three Pokémon vary from one another. Grookey is a Chimp Pokémon, grass type which has the ability to overgrow and do grassy surge. The second one is Scorbunny which is a Rabbit Pokémon, fire type that has the ability such as blaze and libero. And there goes Sobble, the Water Lizard Pokémon which is obviously the water type among the rest and it has the torrent ability and sniper ability.

While travelling around the different locations in Pokémon Sword and Shield, you must remember that big areas are equivalent to big Pokémon. Don’t forget your Pokéballs to catch different amazing Pokémon in the grass like Gastly, Electrike, and Machop.

The graphics are stunning. You can’t help but be amazed while you are exploring the different places in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Everything feels surreal. You will not regret buying this game if you want to explore different games. You can never imagine that this is the same Pokémon series that you are watching or playing before. Everything just goes back in time when we were kids.

One of the best things in this Pokémon gameplay is the Gym Battle. This is one of the highlights of every Pokémon game. With these Gym Battles, Pokémon Sword and Shield makes greater sense of fun and adventure to the game.

Your Pokémon journey will never be complete unless you meet the Legendary Pokémon in this game. Who are they?

Let’s begin with…

Zacian, known as the crowned sword, a fairy and steel type Pokémon which has the Intrepid Sword Ability;

Zamazenta, known as the crowned shield, a fighting and steel type Pokémon which has the Dauntless Shield Ability;

Eternatus, a poison and dragon Gigantic Pokémon that has the Pressure Ability;

Zarude, the dark and grass type Pokémon that has the Leaf Guard Ability;

Kubfu, a fighting type Pokémon that has the Inner Focus Ability;

Urshifu, a fighting and dark type Pokémon that has the Unseen Fist Ability;

Calyrex, known as the crown tundra, a psychic and grass type Pokémon which has the Unnerve Ability.

All in all, the story is definitely wonderful plus the adorable Pokémon in this generation. There is always a soft spot in our hearts in terms of Pokémon games even if you want to explore different games. The core game play is great and Pokémon Sword and Shield definitely stands out from all the Pokémon video games. And you know what’s even greater? You can play it anytime and anywhere because Nintendo Switch made it easy for every gamer. Yes to portability!

Choose Your Game

Did you take notes? Those are the Best Nintendo Switch Games of All Times! You can easily select the genre that you would like to play and choose a game with that genre. From Arcade to Role-Playing to First Shooter Games and a lot more! If you haven’t picked one because all of them are the best, you may scroll up again and choose which game to play. We had so much fun sharing these games with you. We hope that we are a great help to you.

Here’s another one! Some of the games are ON SALE so you better hurry up and purchase them to start your Nintendo Switch gaming experience! Have fun!

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