9 Cool Must Buy Sega Dreamcast Games

Playing video games back then was very simple and fun. Before, we didn’t need high-definition graphics because what matters is the fantastic gameplay that a video game can bring to us. There are tons of consoles being released nowadays including new games. Was there ever a time that you told yourself that retro games bring a different kind of joy when we play them? We know that it somehow crossed your mind. As a matter of fact, aside from the joy that these retro games bring us, they also make us nostalgic.

Most people don’t throw their old consoles because they prefer to play retro games rather than the updated video games nowadays. So, if you have your Sega Dreamcast with you and you want to buy Sega Dreamcast games that you might haven’t played before. Feel free to check these out!

  • Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command
  • Cannon Spike
  • Marvel VS Capcom 2: New Age Of Heroes
  • Outtrigger
  • Power Stone 2
  • Super Magnetic Neo
  • Tech Romancer
  • Test Drive V-Rally
  • The Typing Of The Dead

Have you played these games before? Well, if you haven’t, you can buy Sega Dreamcast games now and play them with your console. You can invite your good friends to play these games with you. Are you ready to go back in time? Let’s go!

Must-Buy Sega Dreamcast Games

Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command

Genre: Adventure / Sci-Fi Game

Do you want to play as a member of Star Command? If you want to, feel free to check this out when you buy Sega Dreamcast games. In this game, you will be playing as Buzz Lightyear. We all know who this guy is. He is an iconic character even in the game or movie category.

Since you are a part of the Star Command, you are going to monitor and investigate threats that are trying to destroy the galactic peace. You are the number one responsible for this situation. You won’t go alone on this journey because you have your rookie crewmates with you. They are included in investigating a threat across the galaxy.

This threat is led by Evil Emperor Zurg. This evil creature is an intergalactic crime boss. His allies are heavily-armed dangerous robots. Aside from Evil Emperor Zurg, you will be facing other villains in this game. They are Warp Darkmatter, Gravitina, and Torque.

Some of the planets that you will be saving are Bathyos (ocean planet), Gargantia (a planet where tiny aliens are living), and Sentilla 6 (a planet with lots of storms and lava rivers).

Buzz Lightyear has an armored spacesuit and has amazing hand-to-hand combat skills. You are going to accomplish 14 different missions. Fight against the villains and save the galaxy!

Cannon Spike

Genre: Shoot ’Em Up Game

Another retro game that is worth checking when you buy Sega Dreamcast games is Cannon Spike. There are 8 playable characters in this game. Choose among Cammy, Baby Bonnie Hood, and Mega Man. They are just some of the powerful characters that you can choose to play with.

The player acts as a part of the World Union For Peace. This is an organization that implements peace and protects the people in the city. Evil always wanted to play a role in society. However, they are not welcome by the organization.

These terrorists have robot soldiers that are bringing chaos and fear to the people. With that, your organization will take action. Cammy will lead this Anti-Robot Special Force and battle with these hazardous robot soldiers.

The primary weapon used in this game is most likely powerful guns. You have to finish a total of 10 levels in Cannon Spike.

Marvel VS Capcom 2: New Age Of Heroes

Genre: Fighting Game

This game definitely belongs to the must-buy Sega Dreamcast games list because of its outstanding fighting game performance. The story revolves around battling with the Abyss, a mysterious entity that brings darkness to the peaceful planet of Earth. With that, people are scared.

Abyss is no joke. It is a powerful entity. It actually ruined a desert by just passing on it. In order to prevent more chaos on planet Earth, you will fight with Abyss. There are new characters in the game such as Ruby Heart, Amingo, and SonSon. They have their own super combo skills that can take down Abyss.

Since this is a Marvel Vs Capcom fighting game, you can select three fighters from each group and fight against each other. The game can be a 1-on-1 or 3-on-3 tag. The ultimate goal of each round is to fight with the opponent until the opponent has no remaining players.

There are tons of playable characters in this game. Each team has 26 members. Marvel has 26 playable characters and Capcom has 26 playable characters too.

Some of the best characters in the Marvel team are Captain America, Juggernaut, and Silver Samurai. While in the Capcom team, you can play as Morrigan Aensland, Hayato Kanzaki, and Sakura Kasugano.


Genre: First-Person Shooter / Third-Person Shooter Game

If you want to play as a member of an anti-terrorist group, you must check this out when you are going to buy Sega Dreamcast games. Outtrigger is a fun and exhilarating shooter game that can be played in a first-person perspective or in a third-person perspective. You choose what best works for you.

There are 4 incredible main characters in this game. You have to choose one of them to play Outtrigger. Each character has its own weapons that can be used to shoot terrorists.

Here are the playable characters in the game. First on the list is Jay Aragaki. He owns a submachine gun, grenade, and rocket launcher. Next is Alain Ciel. He owns the same list of weapons just like with Jay. The third one is Lina Mayagi. She owns a submachine gun, motion sensor bomb, and 55mm rifle. Last but definitely not least is Talon Grant. He owns a 3-way laser gun, heavy grenade, and railgun.

There are a total of 15 missions in this game. Each mission has different objectives that you need to accomplish. In terms of choosing a character, you don’t have to worry because they are all-powerful. One thing is for sure, they can defeat terrorists with right-shooting combo attacks controlled by you.

Power Stone 2

Genre: Fighting Game

If you plan to buy Sega Dreamcast games, this one is worth buying. Why? It is because this game offers not just one game mode but it offers 4 different game modes that you can play. It is a great feature because you can play in whatever mode you like.

You can play in Arcade mode. A storyline is featured in this game mode. Maybe, you could also like to play in Original Mode where you can play in a multiplayer setting. You also have the freedom to pick which character to play and which stage to battle.

Another game mode in this game is known as Adventure. This game mode allows players to find and collect items, money, and cards that they can use in the game. You can also play in class 1-on-1 game mode where two characters will fight against each other and also features a narrative associated with the characters.

The game stages are pretty cool because they keep changing after a certain amount of time. There are 3 sub-stages in just one single game. It means that from fighting on a plane, you will fight while in mid-air then you will fight on a floating platform. How cool is that?!

There are 16 playable characters. To name some, you can play as Falcon The Red Whirlwind, Ayame The Cherry Blossom Dancer, and Gunrock The Heavy Tank. There are two bosses in this game. They are Pharaoh Walker and Dr.Erode.

When it comes to weapons, there are tons! Feel free to choose among 130+ items and weapons in the game. You can use a machine gun, bazooka, or soap bubble gun.

Super Magnetic Neo

Genre: Adventure / Platform Game

This platform game is awesome. That’s why you better check this out when you plan to buy Sega Dreamcast games. You are going to play as Neo. Neo is a robot with a special ability. He can attract enemies or objects by charging himself whether in positive or negative mode.

The main mission of this game is to take down the Pinki gang and save the beautiful land of Pao Pao. Pinki Gang invaded an amusement destination called Pao Pao Park. This evil gang installed hazardous robots in the entire park. They also brought lots of monsters that brought chaos to Pao Pao Park.

Neo has the ability to blast. By using this ability, he can avoid tons of traps and defeat the monsters and robots. There are about 100 challenge levels in the game aside from the main game levels. In that case, there is a never-ending adventure with Super Magnetic Neo.

This one is heavily focused on the running and jumping series since this is a platform game.

Tech Romancer

Genre: Fighting Game

Controlling a giant robot is definitely a dream come true for every gamer. Tech Romancer has this amazing feature. You are also going to battle with another giant robot. If you want your dreams to come to life, check this out when you buy Sega Dreamcast games.

You can choose among these amazing main characters — Armor Knight Grand Kaiser, Super Defense Armour Dixen, and Strategic Variable Righter Rafaga. Each character has two lifeline meters. You can also upgrade your character right in the battle mode.

Since most of your game locations have terrain, you can simply destroy the terrain and gather armor power ups, life power ups, and hero mode powerup. These powerups help in increasing the critical hit against the opponent. It brings so much strength to your robot.

Some of the weapons that your robot might have are a shoulder-mounted beam cannon, grenades, and bazooka. You need these weapons to defeat the bosses. These bosses are Quvearl The Octopus, Gamda The Stone Golem, and Goldibbus The Ultimate Evil.

Test Drive V-Rally

Genre: Racing Game

You must check this out when you buy Sega Dreamcast games because Test Drive V-Rally is a four-player racing game. The more the merrier! It’s nice to play racing video games with your friends. Compete against each other and figure out who would rank first at the end of the game.

This game is awesome because it has 86 tracks where you can race at. Aside from that, you can choose among 26 licensed cool-looking cars! That is pretty nice! You also have the freedom to customize your own car. Some of the best real-life cars that you can play in this game are Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Vauxhall cars.

Game modes are pretty diverse too! You can play Time Trial, Arcade Mode, V-Rally Trophy, and Rally Championships.

In the Time Trial, you can select among the tracks and compete with 4 players. The main objective in this mode is to be the one to achieve the fastest time. While in Arcade Mode, you can compete with AI racers. There is a time duration for each stage that you need to beat while racing against these AI drivers. Meanwhile, the main goal in the V-Rally Trophy is to collect different trophies by winning each round.

The Typing Of The Dead

Genre: Survival Horror Game

Who would know that a survival horror game is educational too? That is one unique feature of this game that’s why you better get this one when you buy Sega Dreamcast games.

In this game, you won’t be using any guns unlike in The House of the Dead. Even though they have the same story, the gameplay is different. You need to type letters, words, and phrases to take down these creepy creatures. Sounds intriguing, right?

To receive rewards, you need to accomplish missions. Each location has a different mission that you need to complete. An example of a mission that you should complete would be killing a certain amount of zombies in a span of time.

There are 6 game modes that you can play in this game — Arcade Mode, Original Mode, Training Mode, Drill Mode, Network Mode, and VS CPU Mode.

Drill Mode is fun because it features a series of mini-games. It will test your speed and accuracy when it comes to typing. In Network Mode, you can play online! So, if you want to play with your friends, this game mode is perfect. While in VS CPU Mode, you will be competing with AI players.


These games are all pretty cool! They include amazing features that gamers will enjoy. The graphics of each game brings total nostalgia. The gameplay is pretty simple but it brings loads of fun. Which of these games are you going to check out when you buy Sega Dreamcast games? Let us know!

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