Buying Video Games Will Not Just Make You Happy — But Witty

We know that you love video games and might cross your mind if playing video games will do good to your brain. Many people might ask you what is the benefit of playing video games. Aside from having fun and having your own time, did you know that video games can sharpen your brain? Also, who would have thought that buying video games will have a fantastic effect on your brain? We know that you are excited to know how. Well, let’s begin!

There are many skills that will be developed by just playing video games. Some of them are your memory skills, fine motor skills or eye-hand coordination skills, strategic planning skills, attention to detail, and creativity skills. Aside from those skills, video games will slow down the aging process. So, if you are planning to spend money, buying video games will definitely be worth it.

If you are curious if buying video games will do good for you, the answer is yes! And we will tackle each skill that will surely make you not just a better gamer but a better person. Through playing exciting video games, you are not just enjoying but you are also learning and developing yourself. Awesome!

Video Games Help Sharpen Your Brain

There are lots of studies that proved that video games definitely help sharpen our brains. Since many people are starting to love video games, people are curious too if there are benefits aside from fun and excitement which happens that there are multiple benefits. If you are a parent or guardian that is worried about your child’s future because he or she loves to play video games, you don’t have to worry at all! We listed some skills that your child might develop through playing video games. So, if you are thinking if buying video games will help your child improve, the answer is right down below. But, to give you an idea… It is a big YES!

Let’s start with…

Memory Skills

When you play video games, your brain tends to boost your memory. Buying video games will also make your memory sharp just like when you read books or watch educational shows. Video games are like mind workouts. That’s why you develop your memory skills. Take this as a brain exercise!

Each video game is unique. This means that every game will translate into new knowledge and new experience. Every single video game out there will teach something new to you.

When you play video games, you need to know the characters well, even the antagonist of the game. You need to familiarize or even memorize the gameplay and rules. If you play open-world games, this will surely take a lot of time before you finish the whole game. Which means that you will interact with a lot of characters and you will explore a lot of locations on the map. Sometimes, you are on the enemy’s base then you need to go back to your camp. You need to recall which path you took in order to get back. By doing this, you exercise your brain which helps to boost your memory.

Fine Motor Skills

Developing your motor skills is very important because this skill is usually used every single day. This is also known as eye-hand coordination. Most of our daily activities are using our eyes and hands. And through video games, you are able to enhance these skills.

One of the best examples of video games that sharpen your brain by helping you develop your fine motor skills is Call of Duty: Warzone. This could be one of the best action games that you need to play. Buying video games will help you with your eye-hand coordination skills once you start playing. You’re not just enjoying but you are also developing yourself.

Most video games, specifically action games, tend to teach how to move quickly. Imagine, there is an enemy coming up to you and ready to shoot you with his AK-47 assault gun BUT then you are quick to kneel and shoot him instead. COOL! Most people cannot do this, that’s why they end up being knocked down by the opponent. But look at you! You did it!

Just like other activities such as biking, dancing, and playing tennis, you can also develop your motor skills by playing video games.

Strategic Planning Skills

Whenever you play video games, you don’t just smash the buttons or keyboards. Did you know that even the easiest game on the planet needs strategic planning in order to win? Yes, of course, they need it!

To name one of the easiest games that anyone can play, we are sure that many of us tried playing Tetris. This game also comes on Xbox if you want to play it for once and gets excited by building blocks!

When you play Tetris, you need to plan where to assign the next block because if you just put all the blocks wherever you like, there’s a big possibility that you will lose the game. You have seconds to think about your next step and make sure that the block will land in the right place. Imagine with those few seconds, your brain starts to analyze the situation and think of the next move. Fantastic!

This also happens when you play Tekken. This is one on one match with the opponent. You can simply kick, push, and punch the opponent but that won’t make you win. Observe your opponent and think of your next combo to knock him down! Who would’ve thought that strategic planning is involved there?

Are you convinced now that buying video games will sharpen your brain? Don’t worry! There are other skills that you’re going to develop when you play video games.

Attention To Detail

There is a popular game today called Among Us. It was launched back then but it is dominating today’s gaming era.

This game is very simple yet thrilling! This game allows 10 players in one lobby including the host. Once the game starts, you are able to know if you are one of the 9 crewmates or you are the impostor that needs to kill the crewmates. If you are a crewmate, this role will challenge your attention to detail.

While doing your designated tasks, you need to observe the other crewmates whether they’re faking tasks or not. Sometimes, you will see a dead body on the game and report it to other crewmates. They will ask you for details such as, . To answer that you need to rely on your attention to detail skills. You need to say every single detail that you know to find the impostor.

What an amazing skill to develop! Being observant and having strong attention to detail is an advantage even in real life! Buying video games will definitely be worth it investment.

Creativity Skills

Many game developers included customization of video games which makes video games more challenging and exciting! By playing video games, you are able to hone and sharpen your creative skills.

Two of the famous games that will help you develop your creative skills while enjoying the gameplay are Minecraft and The Sims 4. Both games have one thing in common and it is to build. What to build in these games? Anything under the sun! You can build houses, schools, bars, and a lot more! It depends on how you will use your creativity!

Slow Down Aging Process

“Tic tac tic tac” as the clock says. Doing nothing will make you brain-dead. It is better to play video games than doing nothing at all. “Use it or lose it” as they say. This is also applicable to your sharp-minded brain!

Being in the gaming community makes us proud because video games are not just for teens or adults. Playing video games is for everyone! Most elders nowadays love to play video games as well. Some of the games are definitely recommended by their loving grandchildren.

A common video game that every elder can play is Candy Mandy. This is like Candy Crush where you need to create candy patterns and advance to the next level. This is an easy to medium type of game yet it makes them happy and even sharpens their brain! What a fun way to spend the day!

Buying video games will bring happiness to you and to your loved ones!


The results are bright as the sun! You can sharpen your brain by playing video games. Buying video games will not just bring excitement and fun but buying video games will help you become more brilliant! Just keep in mind that balance is the key to everything. Too much is bad but enough is just right.

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