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11 min readJan 4, 2021

In order to be the best version of yourself, you need to allow yourself to grow. In life, we only stop growing when we stop learning. Keep in mind that improvement helps you see your own capabilities and abilities. There will come a time that you will not believe how far you have become because of your continuous improvement.

There will be a never-ending process of improving yourself. Imagine this. You were just a toddler before trying and learning how to walk and talk with the guidance of your parents or guardians. Until you became a kid, you went to school, trying to improve your knowledge and skills so that you will be ready when you enter middle school. And then after studying in a university, it is time for you to face and experience the real world.

It is scary to experience something that you haven’t experienced before. But if you are confident enough that you have the skills and knowledge, then you are good to go.

Just like other people, gamers are also aiming for continuous improvement. You have to buy a console to play often. Gamers are known as people who love challenges. They love to push their own limits. They always aim for victory. Defeat is not in the vocabulary of every gamer.

When playing a game, there are times that you can’t pass a certain level because it is really hard. Have you played Plants vs. Zombies? You need to have a strategy in order to defeat the zombies using your plants. You need to find the right position as well as the counts of sunflowers and pea shooters in order to defeat the zombies in different waves. There will always be times that when you are on the final wave and then suddenly, your strategy did not work out. Now that it is the time to improvise your plan and execute another one.

Improving your gaming skills also allows you to explore different dimensions of the gaming world. When you improve your gaming skills, you can compete with other people, join tournaments, and help newbies who are starting their own gaming journey. It won’t be just beneficial to you but also with other people.

No one started being excellent. So, if you are struggling and you wanted to improve your gaming skills, we have listed some tips for you! We are all in this together. Now go on and learn how to improve your gaming skills!

Eight Hacks To Improve Your Gaming Skills

1. Practice

Sounds cliché but practice makes perfect. You cannot be good on something if you didn’t keep on practicing it. That’s why you have to buy a console to play and practice often.

When you are devoted to playing the game, even numerous defeats will not make you stop from playing it. Of course, there will be a possibility of you getting frustrated. Use this frustration as your motivation to continue playing the game. Prove yourself that you can do it.

Keep on practicing the game even if it takes you multiple times and you still cannot proceed to the next level, remind yourself that it is alright. It is part of the game. If the game is too easy, you might just get bored. But if it challenges you, it will ignite your passion and interest to finish the game.

Another tip while practicing, we suggest not to use the same strategy multiple times. It is obvious that your strategy is not working out, that is why you keep on failing the same level. Figure out where it turned out wrong.

When you practice, also learn the power of concentration. The two come together. When you practice, make sure that you are attentive to details because it might be the little things that need improvements. No distractions allowed and do not lose hope! Keep on practicing.

2. Play More Video Games

The more video games you play, the higher the chance that you will learn. You have to buy a console to play and learn. When you play different games, you will enhance your gaming skills. If you think that you are already a pro in playing “first-person shooter” games, why don’t you try another gaming genre like “role-playing games” or “simulation games”?

If you jump from one to another gaming genre, you are exploring your gaming capabilities. If you think that you are not good enough with a certain genre and you are scared of trying it, always remember that when you get scared, you are just losing the chance to improve yourself. Challenge yourself and keep in mind to buy a console to play and be greater.

It is always good to try something new. You will learn more of yourself. You will improve your skills and abilities. You will also know your preference in selecting and playing games. At least, you have a background in playing different gaming genres. If you were asked by some gamers if you know this game, then at least you are able to engage and interact with them. Opportunities are waiting.

If you get hyped and get excited about a new game that you discovered, take time on playing the game. Just like what we stated before our number one tip — practice.

When you play more video games, it will definitely enhance your gaming skills. You will also develop and discover your own technique and strategy when playing multiple video games. Playing games has no limits. Only you are limiting yourself. Explore and expand your knowledge and skills on gaming.

3. Watch And Learn From Other Gamers

Have you heard someone saying “watch and learn”? Well, if you have, we can say that you now have the idea of our third tip. A smart way to improve your gaming skills is through watching and learning from other gamers.

Some of the things that we are learning are actually from other people’s experiences. You have the choice whether to apply it or not in your gameplay. But there is no harm in watching other people’s gameplay. It might benefit you.

If you are stuck in a certain level or mission when playing a video game and you don’t know what to do? There are tons of videos and blogs online that you can use to figure out on passing the level or mission. For example, you are playing The Sims 4 and your next mission is to go to a cave located in Mua Pel’am and you can’t find it even if you explore the island multiple times. Believe us, there are guidelines on the internet that will help you pass this mission. And you know what’s interesting? These people who are posting these guidelines on the internet started off as a beginner but they mastered their gaming skills and they are able to contribute to the gaming community. Make this as your inspiration to buy a console to play and share your experience with the gaming community.

Aside from your gaming skills, you are also able to enhance your observational learning skills. With these skills, your brain processes information through learning and watching things. That is why there are people that are called “visual learners.”

This might help you visualize your own gameplay while watching other people’s gameplay. You can take note of their techniques and strategies that you liked when they were playing the game and try them on your own. See if it works for you, too. If not, use them to create your own master plan.

4. Join A Group

We all know that unity is strength. In life, we need to have a support system that will always be on our side no matter what. People find comfort and strength with other people, that is why groups, clubs or teams are formed — to support each member.

Groups are also well-known in the gaming community. Some gamers encourage you to buy a console to play with them for greater experience. There are several people who are forming their own group in order to support other gamers from different parts of the world. Many of us are using the Facebook app. It has a feature that allows you to create a group and invite members.

If you are a beginner in the gaming community, there are lots of groups that you can join online. These online groups can help with your gameplay. Members of the group can give you advice and tips on how to play the game. Learn how to communicate with them.

You have to improve your gaming skills so we advise you to buy a console to play and practice more often. Also, learn to communicate effectively, to listen in critical feedback, and to share your ideas as well. When you belong in a group, it is important to apply the give-and-take rule. Do not just take whatever your group members are giving you but also learn to give and share your ideas as well.

5. Friendly Competition

Having a friendly competition for once in a while is a good way to improve your gaming skills. If you have a game that allows multiplayers, then you can try that and have a one-on-one battle with your friend or group member.

Buy a console to play and compete because every gamer says no to challenges. Gamers are always on for battles and competitions. That is also what makes the gaming community happy, fun and interactive.

You can play with anyone when you play co-op games. It is more fun and interactive if you can access that game online. You will be exposed to different kinds of gamers. And that’s one way to improve your gaming skills.

If you are familiar with the game “Call of Duty”, you can play it with multiplayers. Together with your army, you will fight the opponent. You can even talk with each other when you play the game. You can share tactics and strategies on how to defeat the opponent.

In order to be the best teammate or best opponent that they will ever have, buy a console to play or use to compete with them. Do not be someone that will cause your team to lose and do not be someone that your opponent might think that is easily defeated.

Always keep in mind that this is just a friendly competition, do not take it too seriously to the point that you will have anger towards the other gamer. Keep it a healthy community.

When you want to take your gaming experience to the next level, you can join big tournaments. There are Esports events that you can join and hone your gaming skills. Just like with the Dota 2 tournament, lots of gamers are invited and they have competed with each other. It is definitely a remarkable experience for all the people that came into the event.

6. Improve Your Eye-hand Coordination Skills

Buy a console to play and let you multitask. Honestly speaking, lots of games require eye-hand coordination skills. You need to walk, look to your left or right, jump, read a dialogue, etc. In order to play efficiently and effectively you have to buy a console to play and practice your skills. It is a must.

Again, the example that we will be using in order to hone your eye-hand coordination skills is when you started playing “Call of Duty”. If you are a beginner, it will take a while to learn the movements during the game. Aside from the tension that you will encounter while playing the game because of your opponents trying to shoot you, you might get frustrated while trying to run and hide because controls might be a little confusing at first.

But as soon as you master the movements in the game, you will be able to perform well in the game. You can easily find and target the opponent. There is also a map from the upper right corner of the game. You need to take a look at it in order to locate the opponents. This is a great game to play if you are a newbie.

Always remember that you have to buy a console to play and in order to level up your gaming skills. It is the same as leveling up your rank in a game. Aim to level up yourself in real life, too. Continuous improvement is the key.

7. Invest In Gaming Gear

Of course, you have to improve your ability to play like a pro but aside from that, in order to improve your gaming skills, you need to invest in gaming gears so make sure to buy a console to play. Isn’t it more enjoying playing if you have the best gears and equipment?

If you are planning to be a gamer for the rest of your life, we suggest that you invest with gaming gear. As games, we always wanted to have the best experience, right? With proper gaming gear, you feel like you are really good at playing the game. It boosts your confidence which is very important when you play games.

You must have the confidence that you can defeat the opponent or you can finish the game with victory. Imagine, playing with a wide screen display with surround sound headsets. What a great experience, indeed! This will make you enjoy playing games even more. The more you enjoy is equivalent to more times that you play and improve your gaming skills.

8. Research and Understand The Game

The last but not the least — you have to improve your ability to research and understand a certain game before you buy a console to play. How can you play the game if you don’t know its rules and mechanics? It is vital. Every gamer should know this.

Before and after you picked a game, always remember to research about it. Find tips and tricks online that may help you with your gameplay or else, you might get stuck forever trying to figure out the game. Make sure to read everything that the game says. They are all important especially if you are doing games that include missions that are connected with one another like puzzles and mystery quests.

Everything is one click away when it comes with research. Go to Google or Youtube and search “The Last of Us Part II gameplay walkthrough” for example. There are tons of videos and blog posts from different gaming enthusiasts and reviewers that might help you.

It is easy to research but what is hard is to understand the game. Take time in understanding the whole concept of the game. All the details and added information. If you ever missed something while playing the game, you might not be so attentive to the details. So make sure to read and comprehend. If you master the ability to understand, then there is a great chance that your gaming skills will improve.


There you have it — eight helpful tips to improve your gaming skills, from practicing to researching and understanding the game. Always remember that you will only grow once you allow yourself. We hope that you will be the best version of yourself, not just by being a gamer, but also as a person.




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