Time To Buy Some Console Games And Earn Money By Streaming

We know that you are here because you are questioning yourself if playing video games will do good for you. Will it pay your bills and put food in your stomach? Some people would say no but you what? For us, it is a yes.

As human beings, we are meant to survive every day. By means of surviving, we need to work hard to sustain our economic needs but, what about our passion? Some people are very persistent pursuing their passion by continuing doing their hobbies until these hobbies become their source of living. This is a clear indication that as long as you persevere, your dreams will be achieved.

If you still have doubts whether being a gaming streamer or playing video games is worth pursuing, we will tackle all the possibilities and opportunities that might encounter when you jump into this career. If you have your console right now and you want to buy some console games to start an exciting chapter of your life, we will also share some amazing games that you can play when you stream.

There are lots of amazing lessons that you can learn from playing video games. Every video game character has their own story and purpose, and so are you. Always remember that your fate is in your own hands. Now it’s your time to shine!

How Can You Make Money With Your Hobby?

There are many social media platforms where you can stream but we will tackle the most used social media platform when it comes to playing video games and doing live streams.

Twitch is a very popular gaming social media platform where thousands of gamers are doing live streams. This platform was launched during 2011 and continues to break the internet by making all gaming enthusiasts go in one place and interact with one another.

It became a trend because of the large audience of the gaming community. Twitch focused on E-sports and Gaming. However, Twitch services are not available under age of 13. You need to be 13 and above to stream or join a gaming community that you like.

Now, the question is how to be successful by playing video games?

Alright, if you’re starting to share your gameplay by means of live streaming, you can go to Twitch and be live for 3 hours which is a good duration of time when live streaming. It is up to you if you want to go beyond the time or you can set another schedule for your live stream. You can stream every single day or every weekend.

Another smart thing to do is put up a Youtube Channel and place some 10-minute snippets from your 3-hour live stream. Later on, if you passed the Youtube monetization requirement, you can also earn money from uploading on Youtube.

When people watch your stream on Twitch, they need to subscribe to your channel. Successful streamers earn up to $5000 per month on subscription alone. Awesome, right? You can earn more if your subscribers will give you bits. There is a calculation when it comes to bits. To give you an idea, 100 bits is equal to $1. Most subscribers are pretty generous when it comes to giving bits.

The most followed streamer on Twitch right now is Ninja with 16.1 million followers as of November, 2020. Wow! That’s a lot! You can also do that!

Some of Ninja’s gaming contents are about Valorant, Dead By Daylight, and Fortnite. If you are planning to buy some console games, these games are worth adding to cart!

What Do You Need When You Start Streaming?

Aside from your plan to buy some console games, you also need some of the following streaming essentials:

Gaming Equipment

You don’t have to buy the most expensive ones. You can always start from something cheap but reliable and later on, upgrade your equipment if you saved enough money. Always remember to choose your game wisely. So, when you buy some console games, base it on your preference and target audience.

Confidence and Personality

There are lots of streamers out there and you need to showcase your personality to stand out. You need to show them that you really love playing video games and that you are happy to interact with them. To give an effective tip, most streamers have their own tagline or catchphrase that they use to make them remarkable by their own audience. With that, you will be a phenomenal video game streamer.

Most Famous Video Games On Twitch

Let’s talk about some of the best video games being played on Twitch. If you want to buy some console games, here are some of our recommendations:

We picked 5 famous video games on Twitch that come with different genres. Now it’s time to pick what fits your personality.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Genre: Life Simulation Game

If you want a video game that is fun, relaxing, and challenging at the same time, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is worth adding to cart when you buy some console games.

In this game, you will be an islander. The island is going to be your home. You will be surrounded with beautiful mountains, trees, and ocean. You can also set up your own home but at first, you will have a cute tent as your starter home.

The customization feature of the game is diverse — from customizing your character to decorating your whole island. You can also craft tools and design your own house that fits with your lifestyle.

A lot of streamers play this video game because its characters are very charming and give positive vibes to the audience.

Dead By Daylight

Genre: Survival Horror Game

Another video game that is worth playing when you buy some console games is Dead By Daylight. If you love the slasher type of game, this is perfect for you!

This game is intended for a mature audience because of its haunting and intense feel. This is very thrilling and you can even play this with your friends. You can either play as the killer or survivor.

The goal of this game differs on the role that you are playing. If you are a survivor, you need to escape death. The place is kind of secluded and dark. You need to be careful when escaping because the killer can track the location of the survivor if you keep making noises.

If you are the killer, you need to be tactical on how to chase the survivors and kill them using your weapons. Some of the best weapons that you can use to kill them one by one are the cleaver, hammer, and bonesaw.

There is one helpful tip to escape death, work as a team.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Genre: Battle Royale / Platform Game

Just like the first game on our list, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a breath of fresh air! We couldn’t help but recommend this to you if you plan to buy some console games. This is so fun to play!

Everything is colorful and vibrant. The mini games are all exciting, fun, and challenging. Take a look!

Fall Out: Ultimate Knockout Mini Games:

All these mini games are fun chaos! All you have to do is jump, bounce, and slide. To make it on the next level, you need to be one of the qualified players. It is either you passed or eliminated so make sure to form strategies to win the game.

Genshin Impact

Genre: Action Role-Playing Game

If you are an anime lover, we are sure that you will love the aesthetic of this game. If you look on the characters in Genshin Impact, you will see that they are inspired with anime.

The story of Genshin Impact is about a mysterious traveler that comes from another world. He needs to find his lost sibling being captured by some kind of god villain. With this journey, you will also encounter lots of puzzles and quests. You need to take down enemies with phenomenal combat effects.

The attention to detail of its world makes the game superb. Since this is an open-world game, you can roam around and interact with some amazing characters. You also have the privilege to unlock new characters with their own special unique abilities and might use them when battling with enemies.

Rogue Company

Genre: First-Person Shooter Game

A thrilling action first-person shooter game that involves a lot of gun fight battles might be the perfect game for you when you start streaming. The characters differ from one another and they are known as “Rogues”. They are cool, bold, and intriguing.

The weapons are pretty advanced and powerful. You can play Deathmatch where you and your teammates need to kill a certain amount of enemies in a span of time. Teamwork is the key to success.

The maps in this game are also pretty good. In terms of weapons, you can always upgrade your weapons. Aside from guns, you can throw knives and grenades to kill the enemies.

Another amazing feature of this game, one of the characters in the game has the ability to figure out the location of characters by showing a red silhouette. Very cool, indeed!

Lights, Camera, Game On!

Wow! It feels like you are now ready to begin this journey. We can’t wait to see you succeed. Who knows? You might be the next big thing in the gaming community!

Imagine? From hobby to job, playing video games plays a huge role in your life. It wasn’t just all about fun and smashing buttons. It can also be an inspiration to others to never stop reaching your dreams.

One last tip, when you buy some console games, keep in mind who you want to be known for. Your game preference showcases a bit of your personality. Choose wisely. Good luck and PLAY harder!

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