Which Xbox One Game Deal Is The Best For Relieving Stress?

People always find ways to relieve their stress from studying or working all day long. Most people consider playing video games a way to relieve their stress and regain back their energy. There are tons of video games that will make you forget all the tiring things for a while. Playing video games can help you escape from reality. It also serves as your safe zone where you can just simply spend your time smashing buttons and having a wonderful time.

If you are feeling burnt out and you wanted to spare some time alone or with your friends playing video games, you can check out some of our recommendations. Take a look at these Xbox One game deal collection that you might enjoy:

  • Age Of Wonders: Planetfall
  • Battle Chasers: Nightwar
  • Darksiders Genesis
  • Dead Cells
  • Enter The Gungeon
  • Firewatch
  • Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
  • Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom
  • N++
  • Observer

Each Xbox One game deal will bring you loads of fun. You can dive into different adventures, fight with powerful bosses, and find collectibles that might be useful in your journey. Each Xbox One game deal comes with different genres. With that, you are able to decide which one perfectly matches your playstyle. Now, it’s time to just sit back and relax!

Xbox One Game Deal Collection

Age Of Wonders: Planetfall

Xbox One Game Deal #1

Genre: 4X / Turn-Based Strategy Game

This game includes lots of amazing objectives that you will definitely enjoy playing. You cannot be bored in this game. The fact that this is a turn-based strategy game makes it more interesting. Objectives are associated with tasks such as The Emissary, The Diplomat, and The Negotiator. Some objectives associated with tasks are doing quests, achieving peace with an NPC faction, buying items, and signing a friendship pact.

You will be exploring 5 breathtaking worlds in this game. These are the Imperial World, Frontier World, Capital World, Ravaged World, and Infested World.

There are also campaign planets that you can check out while playing. These are Dolos Minerva, Leave-6, and Arcadia Celeste. Your main character has primary weapons and secondary weapons. They are all-powerful and you can use them to defeat the enemies.

Since there are tons of weapons, we will give you some examples. For primary weapons, you can use Arc Blaster, Crystal Shotgun, and Lightning Sniper. For secondary weapons, you can choose among Arc Bolas, Lightning Launcher, and Static Bomb.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Xbox One Game Deal #2

Genre: Role-Playing Game

We are very sure that you will enjoy this game because of its wonderful features. In Battler Chasers: Nightwar, you will be battling with enemies, solving puzzles, and exploring a breathtaking world. You also need to uncover secrets and fight in hand-crafted dungeon rooms.

There are 6 playable characters in the game. You can choose among Gully, Calibretto, Garrison, Knolan, Red Monika, and Alumon. Most people love Gully because of its powerful abilities. Each character is strong and has its own special ability and mana.

Overworld map has regions and sub-regions. There are tons of regions which means that you will be exploring a lot of wonderful places in this game. Perfect for the RPG category! Some of the regions that you will be visiting are Ironwood, Forest Vale, and Rushlands. When it comes to sub-regions, there are Tolkas Arena, Harm’s Way, and Gold River Ruins.

We mentioned that there are hand-crafted dungeons. There are 8 dungeons in total. To name some, these are The Iron Outpost, Path of Fangs, and Junktown. Each dungeon has bosses waiting to fight with you. Some of the powerful bosses that you will be facing are Sludge Mound, Cadaverous Mound, and Bhargus the Defiler.

Darksiders Genesis

Xbox One Game Deal #3

Genre: Hack-and-Slash / Role-Playing Game

This game features two protagonists. You can play as Strife or War. These two have one mission and it is to hunt down masters that annihilated the Nephilim. Nephilim are powerful beings who are the result of the unnatural union of angels and demons.

You will be facing lots of demons in this game. These enemies are Lucifer, Mammon, Belial, Astarte, Dagon, and Moloch.

If you are torn between Strife and War, each character has its own special ability. War has superhuman physical prowess and has a gauntlet left-hand. Strife has superhuman physical prowess also and is fully masked.

Missions come in different stages. When you reach a certain location, you will need to accomplish a mission at that certain stage. To give you some ideas, these missions will take place in The Slag Pit, Inferno Vault, and Icebind Cavern.

Dead Cells

Xbox One Game Deal #4

Genre: Roguelike / Metroidvania Game

Aside from killing enemies and gathering runes, there are other achievements that you need to accomplish such as absorbing a spider rune, beating the Time Keeper without taking a single hit, and completing a Challenge Rift. These are just some of the achievements that you need to accomplish throughout the game.

You will play as The Beheaded. It is also known as The Prisoner. Even though it is a fallen one, it is the protagonist of the game. The Beheaded is a mysterious one.

Runes are very important. You need to collect them because they are considered permanent upgrades. By collecting runes, you also have the chance to travel from one Biome to another. Some of the Runes that you need to have are Vine Rune, Teleportation Rune, and Explorer’s Rune.

Biomes are simply areas that you will be exploring in the game. These are Prisoners’ Quarters, Promenade Of The Condemned, and Toxic Sewers.

While exploring these areas, you are going to face different bosses. There are 7 in total. To name some, you will be battling with The Concierge, The Time Keeper, and The Giant.

Enter The Gungeon

Xbox One Game Deal #5

Genre: Shoot ’Em Up / Roguelike Game

This game brings so much fun! There are 6 incredible Gungeoneers that you can use to play this phenomenal game. Each Gunegeoneer has its own starting weapon that it can use when exploring The Gungeon.

The Convict is a Gungeoneer that owns a budget revolver. The Hunter uses a rusty sidearm as its starting weapon. The Marine owns a marine sidearm. There are also 4 more unlockable players in the game. Each comes with a different starting weapon too. The Bullet has blasphemy. The Robot uses his right hand to attack enemies. The Gunslinger technically has a slinger.

When you explore different floors in the game, there are bosses waiting for you. These bosses are Bullet King, Ammoconda, and Cannonbalrog. The floors where you will be battling are Keep of the Lead Lord, Gungeon Proper, and Black Powder Mine. We cannot mention all floors and bosses because we want you to meet these bosses and explore these floors on your own.

Aside from fighting these enemies, you also need to gather loot, uncover hidden secrets, and find the gun that can kill the past. This item is crucial and plays a big role in the actual game.


Xbox One Game Deal #6

Genre: Adventure Game

This game uses a first-person perspective. You will play as Henry. This man is exploring the Wyoming wilderness. His summer job role is being a fire lookout in Wyoming. You are alone in the middle of the wilderness and the only communication that you can use is a handheld radio. Using this one will connect you to your supervisor named Delilah.

As the day passes, there is something unusual happening in your life. Gameplay takes place in a series of days which means that each day, you are going to experience something new in the game. There are different objectives that you need to do each day.

Firewatch focuses on conversation. Your fate depends on your choices throughout the game. Some of the objectives that you need to perform are doing survey communication lines to the north of Thunder Canyon, using a rope to head down a slope, and following a path to Cache Box 309.

This game is full of adventure and mystery.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

Xbox One Game Deal #7

Genre: Metroidvania / Platform / Beat ’Em Up Game

Are you ready to save the daughter of El Presidente? If yes, then it’s time to begin this journey! Get ready to fight with the evil skeleton that captured El Presidente’s Daughter. Play as Juan Aguacate, a strong man that was tasked to rescue the daughter of El Presidente.

You will be traveling between worlds of living and dead which makes this game more exhilarating! You are going to explore different orb locations in this game. These are Agave Field, Caverna Del Pollo, and Forest Del Chivo. This game has a total of 6 orb locations.

Your character doesn’t have any weapons but to protect himself from enemies, it has special move sets. Some of these are down smash, dash attack, and back aerial. You can also perform combo attacks. Get ready to face enemies that will hinder your own before you finally land on the evil skeleton’s location. These opponents are Donkey Kong, King Dedede, and Giga Bowser.

Will you be able to save El Presidente’s Daughter?

Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom

Xbox One Game Deal #8

Genre: Platform Game

This side-scrolling platform game will definitely relieve your stress. Aside from its magnificent gameplay, you will adore these charming characters. In the beginning, you will be playing as the blue-haired boy. This boy is just fishing on the docks until something happens. The fish that he caught increased in size! What happened?!

Aside from unveiling this mystery, you need to get trophies, explore different maps, and find collectibles such as life hearts and music sheets. Some of the maps are Village of Lupia, Castle Prison, and Deadwood Graveyard.

There are truffles and golden equipment that you need to collect. For truffles, there are fire truffles, thunder truffles, and boomerang truffles that you need to find. When it comes to golden equipment, you need to collect a golden bracelet, golden shield, and golden boots. These are essential to your journey.

Keep in mind that there are also bosses that you will be battling with. There are 12 bosses in total. Get ready to fight with Giant Squid, King Mushroom, and Ancient Frog.


Xbox One Game Deal #9

Genre: Platform Game

By collecting 100 bandages, you will be able to unlock The Ninja — the main character of this fast-paced wonderful platform game. It doesn’t have any special weapons or such but it has a special ability. Its special ability is its fast movement speed that is very important in this game.

There are 60 color palettes that you can use to customize the overall game’s look. That is very interesting and fun! In this game, you are going to unravel secrets, surpass challenges, and explore an eye-catching minimalist landscape.

One of your missions is to dart around obstacles. It’s nice that The Ninja is very light which makes it very easy to control especially in mid-air momentum.

In terms of levels, well there are tons! You will enjoy each level. Some of these levels are The Motherlode, Cloud City, and Room Full of Gold.


Xbox One Game Deal #10

Genre: Psychological Horror / Adventure Game

Another way to relieve your stress is to simply divert your attention to something like this. Some people find playing psychological horror games relaxing. They love to think and solve puzzles because it is very rewarding once you find answers to these mysteries.

You will play as Daniel — a Krakow Police detective. Since you are a detective, expect that the environment is heavily focused on crime scenes. So, if you love examining crime scenes, you will definitely love this! What makes this game more interesting is that you are going to play from a first-person perspective.

You are going to investigate a crime scene, find secret passages, and find the killer’s hideout. These are just some of the missions that you will be accomplishing. Get ready because you don’t have any weapons to use. Only sneaking away might help you survive each sequence.

Final Remarks

Always remember that it is okay to rest especially if you are feeling burnt out. Find ways to recharge such as playing Xbox One games. This might be helpful to relieve your stress. It is like a stress ball in the form of a controller. We hope that our Xbox One game deal recommendations will bring you loads of fun and exciting gameplay.

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