Challenge Yourself With A Must-Buy Action Game In PlayStation 4

Do you like playing extreme and extraordinary video games? Most of us love action-full packed video games with phenomenal gameplay. Nothing is greater than having chills and screaming at the top of your lungs brought by a fantastic gaming experience. Since we know that you played lots and lots of video games, you are looking for something that will challenge you and will spice up your gaming experience. We are here to give you some ideas! We will talk about some of the best and extreme PlayStation 4 video games in the action game genre with sub-genres like puzzles, adventures, and role-playing games. We will make sure that every video game that we will share with you is a must-buy action game.

Go ahead and take a sneak peek with these exhilarating PlayStation 4 action video games:

  • Dark Souls: Remastered

As you can see from these video game titles, they are all intriguing and exciting. We can’t wait to share with you the gameplay, characters, and weapons in these video games. Let’s see which video game will excite you the most and will bring you an extreme gaming experience. It is up to you which one is a must-buy action game but we bet that you will have a hard time choosing because they are all awesome! Let’s begin!

Extreme PlayStation 4 Action Video Games

Dark Souls: Remastered

Overview: How extreme do you want your game to be? In Dark Souls: Remastered, right from the beginning, you will be fighting with one of the bosses. It is setting the mood right away and the game is letting you know that this isn’t just a simple game. Dark Souls: Remastered is definitely a must-buy action game.

Character customization is also pretty diverse. You have the freedom to choose which gender, class, and gift your character will have. One of the classes in the game is a thief while one of the gifts that your character can obtain is an old witch’s ring. You can also monitor your character’s stats like his/her vitality and endurance resistance.

Even if this game is remastered and not a remake, the graphics are still pretty good. In terms of boss fights, you will experience satisfying gameplay. To protect your character, some of your weapons would be a shield, a throwing-knife, and a sword. Always remember to dodge, block, and attack enemies.

DMC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition

Overview: There is nothing more extreme than fighting hundreds of demons in a 60-floor level arena called Blood Place. That is what makes DMC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition a must-buy action game. Not to mention its fantastic soundtrack that adds up to the overall performance of the game.

DMC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition brings a superb combat action where you will be battling with demons in a breathtaking world. The visuals are also stunning. In terms of the bosses, they are all creepy and one of them has a sharp-pointed knife in one hand. Some of the individual enemies have chainsaws that will try to rip your body into pieces.

Aside from powerful weapons that you can use to protect yourself such as arbiter, eryx, and longsword, you have extraordinary attack combo movements to master and use to kill these demons. Some of these are trinity smash, heavy twister, and ophion demon pull. Caution! The moment that you start doing combat with demons, it is totally a non-stop experience. It is like you want to keep on punishing these demons.

Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor

Overview: With its outstanding open-world map and powerful action combat, Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor definitely makes it into the must-buy action game category. In addition to its superb voice-acting that will make you feel invested with the character throughout your journey.

The enemies in this game are interesting because they have a hierarchy. There are so-called war chiefs and captains who happen to be on a higher rank than a normal orc. They are also more powerful than the usual enemy that you will kill. The main enemy that you will face in this game is called Uruks.

The character’s progression is also great. You have to kill dozens of enemies in brawl mode. Once you hit critical aim, there is a slow-motion camera action that will make you scream for too much awesomeness! Since you will kill a lot of orcs in the game, you need some reliable weapons such as a sword, dagger, and bow. All in all, this game will give an action-full packed experience.

Nioh 2

Overview: If you want a breathtaking and tense combat action, Nioh 2 perfectly fits the category of a must-buy action game. This game is a sequel that tells the story of a long period of war in Japan in a medieval setting. Immerse yourself with the beautiful world while performing fantastic battles with a diverse class of enemies.

Some of the best weapons that you can use in battles are dual swords, hand cannons, and hatchets. You also need to summon Yokai spirits for more powerful combat. You also need perfect timing to hit the enemies with accuracy to be completely killed. Some ninjutsu and magic are also added to the game.

You should anticipate your enemies’ attacks to win a victory. Learn your own skills and discover your character’s strength because the entities that you will be facing are on a high-level. Explore and fight enemies in military camps, mountains, and burning castles.

Okami HD

Overview: A retro experience with a touch of adventure element makes Okami HD a must-buy action game. This game is extremely beautiful with substance and definitely a masterpiece. You will play in a third-person view. To be specific, you will be playing as a wolf wandering in the countryside in this video game.

There is an ancient mythological setting that makes the game more interesting in addition to its Japanese folklore element. Just like any action-adventure game, you need to battle enemies. Some of these enemies are red imp, bud ogre, and dead fish. All these enemies are aggressive and you need something to protect yourself or your wolf character. These weapons are the reflector, the rosary, the glaive, okamiden, and providence crystals.

Shadow Complex Remastered

Overview: Shadow Complex Remastered is a must-buy action game because of its intriguing and intense concept. The story revolves around a couple. It may sound like a cliché but one of them gets kidnapped and one of them will need to rescue his/her partner. How far can you go to save your loved one?

We all wanted a peaceful romantic day with our partner but in this case, John and Claire didn’t have that. They planned to have a date in the woods but then they crossed paths with a shadowy organization that plans to oust the government. Since this organization is a rebel, they abducted Claire which happens to be John’s girlfriend.

For the sake of love for his girlfriend and country, he will be facing this shadowy organization. He has two goals — save his girlfriend Claire and save the country. You will be exploring different parts of the country in search of your partner. You will be using some weapons to protect yourself and fulfill your mission. Some of these weapons are grenades, foam missiles, and guns.

Throughout your exploration, you will find items that will unlock restricted areas, and little by little you will find your way to your abducted girlfriend. Combat is amazing. Explosives are mind-blowing. You can even hang in the ceiling and shoot enemies.

Skylanders: Swap Force

Overview: We included Skylanders: Swap Force in our list because it is still a must-buy action game just right for kids and adults. Everyone can play this game and will bring you extreme happiness. This game has colorful characters with powerful abilities. There are 16 swap force Skylanders that you can use throughout the game.

Some of the best Skylanders that you can play are Blast Zone, Magna Charge, and Wash Buckler. Take note that every character differs from one another. Blast Zone has bomb throw and rocket dash ability while Magna Charge has magnet cannon and polarized pickup. And we have Wash Buckler with its bubble blaster.

Even if this game is full of fun, it still has that extreme action combat that you are looking for. Watch out for these enemies because they are powerful too just like the protagonists. To name some of them, we have Plant Warriors, Raven Lobbers, and Broccoli Guys. There are also wanted villains that you might encounter during boss battles. They are Smoke Scream and Kaos.

The Last Campfire

Overview: We will be talking about another level of challenge and this one involves extreme puzzles. We can’t deny the fact that The Last Campfire is a great game. It has this melancholic, eerie, and haunting vibe. It is mysterious and calming at the same time. There is an emotional depth that you will be experiencing in this video game.

Let’s dig in more to the story. You will be playing as a lost ember that finds his way home while searching for answers. You are trapped in a different world. While exploring, you will help other lost souls and other characters by completing puzzles. The puzzles are quite complicated especially if you aren’t paying attention.

This is a combat-free game but your brain will do all the work here because you will keep solving puzzles and collecting items to unlock other areas. This game is totally engaging. The question is, will you find your way home?

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Overview: Wolfenstein: The New Order’s smooth fast-paced combat is what makes it a must-buy action game. In addition to its phenomenal story-driven concept and well-detailed world. In this game, you will fight with soldiers, fire troopers, and space marines. These are just some of the powerful enemies that you will be facing.

To kill all these enemies, you will be needing some fantastic weapons for survival. To name some, we have here a double-barreled shotgun, assault rifle, and machine gun. This game is heavily focused on shooting and murdering these enemies. Explore some of its breathtaking locations such as Deathshead’s Compound, Asylum, and Eisenwald Prison.

There are also side missions where you have to do a number of headshots for progression and you also need to collect items that you will be using in your long journey. We love the smooth movement of the characters and its fast-paced action when you bombard the enemies with bullets. Truly gratifying!

XIII Remake

Overview: A must-buy action game that has a comic style is on another level of aesthetic. It may have that super high definition graphics but it is still vibrant and pretty good for a comic style action video game. While playing XIII Remake, you will feel nostalgic from the XIII action video game released in 2003 on PlayStation 2. Not to mention its cel-shaded animation.

There are 3 unfortunate happenings in this game. First, you are stranded on a beach and you don’t know anyone in this area. Second, you wake up with amnesia so you have no idea who you are. Third, you have 13 tattoos on your body which you don’t know what they symbolize. Your life was messed up but you need to survive.

The concept of this game revolves around investigating and shooting people that will try to harm you. You have your 44 Magnum, Bazooka, and Silenced 9mm Pistol to protect yourself. What you need to do now is search for answers and rediscover yourself.

Dig Into The Challenge

It’s time to pick which video game you should play next. Which one made you feel intrigued and interested among 10 PlayStation 4 action video games? If you have something on your mind, this is the perfect time to add this to your cart. While tapping your shoulder, we assure you that it is a must-buy action game. Are you ready for the challenge?



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