It Is A Dream Come True To Buy PS1 Games And Add Them To Your Collection

Having your own collection of PlayStation 1 games is definitely an achievement in life as a gamer. Most gamers treat their games and consoles as their own children. Some people even make space in their houses or apartments for all these video games. We all care about this stuff. Having a collection of all the best video games ever is a dream come true.

So, if you want to buy PS1 games, we listed some of the best ones that you can check out, play with, and add to your collection. Maybe, you haven’t played some of these games. Why don’t you look at these fantastic and exciting PlayStation 1 video games?

  • Bust A Groove
  • Exhumed
  • Formula One 97
  • Klonoa: Door To Phantomile
  • Parappa The Rapper
  • Tomba!
  • Vagrant Story
  • Worms

Are you checking out which video games are not yet on your collection right now? There are still retail stores out there that are selling retro video games. If you are planning to buy PS1 games, now is the perfect time to do so. Now, let’s figure out which of these PlayStation 1 video games will excite you the most!

Best PlayStation 1 Games To Play

Bust A Groove

Genre: Musical / Fighting Game

This rhythm game with a touch of fighting element is worth checking out when you plan to buy PS1 games. Bust A Groove’s gameplay is pretty simple yet exciting. This game also focuses on matching the beats of the songs that you will be playing.

The main objective of the game is to press a series of arrows that are appearing on the interaction bar that you are going to see in the actual game. To press these arrows, you are going to use a D-pad. You are also going to press the Circle or X button on every fourth beat of the music. When you do this, there will be a dance move that is going to be executed.

You can also ace combos. You can make a combo of eight dance moves that allow you to earn more points than the usual point setup. There are enemies that will interrupt your move so you have to do an attack called Jammer. You can dodge and perform a backflip.

There are 15 playable characters in the game. Some of them are Burger Dog, Robo-X, Kitty-N. You can jam with 12 heart-pounding songs such as Sora To Umi To Niji No Yume, The Natural Playboy, and Shorty & The Ez Mouse.


Genre: First-Person Shooter / Metroidvania Game

If you want to save the World, this is a game that you should add to your collection if you want to buy PS1 games. Exhumed takes place in an ancient city in Egypt which is called Karnak City. The game also sets in the late 20th century that makes the vibe of the game more historical.

In this game, you are going to fight with different dangerous creatures. There are mummies, scorpions, evil spirits, and Anubis soldiers that are bringing darkness and fear to the people of Karnak City. To fight these evil creatures, the city was going to be rescued by special teams. You are one of them.

The player needs to kill all these extraterrestrial beings and execute the mummy that plans to use its power to control Karnak City and the whole wide world. Since you are a member of the special force, you are given powerful weapons such as M60 Machine Gun, Amum Bomb, and FlameThrower.

The fate of the whole Karnak City and the world is in your hands now.

Formula One 97

Genre: Racing Game

Racing games will always be a great addition to your collection. If you want to buy PS1 games, Formula One 97 is a great option. This amazing game features lots of tracks, teams, and drivers that you can choose when playing.

The game takes place in a fictional city. This place is known as Frameout City. What makes this place more interesting is that when you look at it on the Race Preview page, it is actually shaped into a Formula One car. Yes! A map in the shape of a car! That is super cool, right?

You can also play this game in couch co-op mode. This is possible because of the link cable setup where two PlayStation consoles are connected. Formula One 97 features 17 tracks, 13 teams, and 35 drivers. The selection is pretty good!

Make sure to win each race because when you do, you can lead into the Constructors Championship. Right after that, a special hidden circuit can be unlocked and you can race into that circuit too! Some of the best cars that you can use in racing are Ferrari F310B, Benetton B197, and McLaren MP4/12.

Klonoa: Door To Phantomile

Genre: Platform Game

Another exciting game to check out when you plan to buy PS1 games is Klonoa: Door To Phantomile. This platform game is super fun to play! You are going to play as Klonoa, the protagonist of this game. This game focuses on running and jumping in a 2D plane.

There are obstacles that you need to pass through. Some paths could be a curve one or it may lead you in another direction when you pass through it. There are also paths that overlap themselves that’s why you need to jump over them.

There are also enemies that will hinder your way of finishing each level. Your friend Huepow will help you grab these enemies using a large ring. After that, these enemies will be inflated inside a balloon and you can throw them at other enemies that are coming right up to you.

There are lots of locations that you are going to play in this game. Some of them are arenas and head-on planes. To name some, these locations are Forlock, Coronia, and Cress.

Parappa The Rapper

Genre: Rhythm Game

If you are looking for a cool rhythm game, Parappa The Rapper is what you are looking for. This game focuses on pressing buttons to match the spoken vocals in each level. You need to press the button in the correct order to have a good rating. Hitting the correct timing is also associated with this matter.

There are 6 stages in Parappa The Rapper game. Take a look at these fun and challenging stages:

Stage 1: I Need to Become A Hero!

Stage 2: You guys Sit in The Back

Stage 3: My dad’s gonna bite me!!

Stage 4: Guaranteed to catch her heart

Stage 5: Full Tank

Stage 6: I gotta believe!!

When you don’t hit the correct order and correct timing in each level, it will just result in an unreasonable gibberish rapped by the player. Make sure to get it right! You can also perform freestyle rap to get a higher rating.

After each round, your performance is going to be rated in these categories: U Rappin’ Good, U Rappin’ Cool, U Rappin’ Bad, and U Rappin’ Awful.


Genre: Platform Game

In this game, you are going to play as Tomba. He was a pink-haired feral child. The main mission of this game is to recover his grandfather’s bracelet. This bracelet was taken by anthropomorphic Koma pigs. Such a disaster!

This platform game also features a semi-open world setup where you are able to explore areas freely. You just need to unlock them first before you explore each area. You can unlock these areas as you go along on this journey. These areas are inside Tomba’s home island.

Aside from its jumping series, Tomba is also allowed to attack the enemies. You can control Tomba and leap onto the pigs’ backs. Bite them and toss them! As you can see, Tomba is an island boy that’s why these are his common ways to attack these pigs.

You need to complete 130+ events. Some of the locations that you will be playing in are Village of All Beginning, Phoenix Mountain, and Underground Prison. This is totally fun! You better check this out when you plan to buy PS1 games.

Vagrant Story

Genre: Action / Role-Playing Game

The main protagonist of this game is Ashley Riot. Your mission is to hunt down a mysterious man named Sydney Losstarot. If you are curious about the reason why Ashley is hunting Sydney, it is for you to find out! This is just a teaser so you better check this out when you want to buy PS1 games.

As you go along this hunting journey, a hack-and-slash element is also associated. You are going to fight with goblins, beasts, phantoms, and zombies. The game also focuses on weapon modification which means that there are also lots of weapons that you can use to battle numerous entities.

The battle system is pretty good. You can perform attacks like chain abilities. Doing combos will also lead to great damages to the enemy. You can attack your enemies with their different body parts. Some weapons that you can use are Sabre Halberd, Balbriggan, and Double Blade.

Aside from battling with these creepy entities and hunting down a mysterious man, you are also going to solve different puzzles for story progression. Some of the locations that you will be visiting are Snowfly Forest and Graylands.


Genre: Artillery / Turn-Based Tactics Game

A concept of worms versus worms is definitely a hilarious one! We just said what this PlayStation 1 video game is all about. You have to kill all Worms from your enemy’s team. You need to make sure that there is no one left standing (or should we say crawling?) from the other team.

The player can choose among several characters like Boggy B, Clagnut, or Spadge. You are going to use different weapons to eliminate these worms. Your goal is to reduce each worm’s HP level. Make it zero lifeline. These weapons came from a crate from the sky. The Crate also includes some additional health and items that will help you throughout your fight against the other worms.

Aside from these worms, you are also going to face other villains. Get ready to fight with Professor Worminkle and Boggy The Kid.

There are 33 missions in total. Each mission is truly gratifying. Some of the missions are Water Surprise, Jurassic Worm, and Chemical Warfare. In each mission, you are going to perform different objectives and you need to achieve them all before moving to another mission.

In Water Surprise, one of the missions that you will be doing, you are going to climb towers by performing backflips. Another thing that you will be doing is collecting crates. You need to find aquasheeps being flown underwater because you need these to kill the General.

Even if there are other missions to perform and other villains to kill, you need to focus on eliminating the worms from the opposed team. This hilarious game is definitely worth adding to your collection. Make sure to check this out when you plan to buy PS1 games!

Final Remarks

What an amazing collection of video games to check out when you plan to buy PS1 games! Each video game features such promising gameplay elements. Which among these PlayStation 1 video games are you going to play first? Let us know which video games were you able to play before among this collection.

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