Xbox One X Deal To Buy Before It Gets Sold Out

Attention to all gamers out there! We know that you are looking for an Xbox One X deal. No need to worry because we gathered an Xbox One X deal list that is considered as best-sellers. Being one of the games in the best-seller category is an indication that the game is loved by many. The reason that a game is demanded by gamers is because of its fantastic gaming experience. We all love video games that allow us to have the best and phenomenal gameplay.

Here is a sneak peek of the Xbox One X deal list. Take a look and let’s see which one caught your attention!

  • Dragons: Dawn Of New Riders
  • Farming Simulator 19 Platinum Edition
  • Gang Beasts
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising
  • Mafia Definitive Edition
  • Maneater

Since the video games that include in this Xbox One X deal list are best-sellers, there is a greater chance that they are going to be sold out soon which means that you need to buy them as soon as possible. We wouldn’t know when they will release another set of stocks. If you are uncertain which Xbox One X deal to check out right now, we will be talking about these video games one by one. Are you ready to smash that add-to-cart button and check out your newly found favorite game? Let’s begin!

Best-Sellers: Xbox One X Deal

1. Dragons: Dawn Of New Riders

Genre: Adventure / Action Game

Having a dragon pet is definitely a fantasy dream come true! Being able to explore different parts of the world by riding on a dragon is a surreal moment. In this game, you will be a dragon trainer. And with that, a phenomenal adventure begins.

You will play as Scribbler, a boy with amnesia. You have a new dragon named Patch that belongs to the dragon’s breed of Chimeragon. With Patch, you are going to explore the ruins of Havenholme. Your mission is to explore an island and find all the villains who destroyed it. You are the hero in this adventure.

You are going to meet different species of dragons such as Stormcutter, Bewilderbeast, and Seashocker. To name some of the dragons that you are going to meet in this journey, they are Toothless and Stormfly. These dragons differ in personalities and abilities. They can be playful and intelligent. They are also powerful and have great accuracy when attacking.

Patch, your main dragon, is very playful and it loves to flip in the air. Patch is also friendly to humans which is very nice because it allows any human to ride on his back. Some of its abilities are Speed, Agility, Strength, Rebirth, Ice, Lightning, and Fire Blasts.

In this journey, Scribbler will be able to find answers about his identity. Little by little, he will regain his memory. Aside from your main mission, you also need to find new weapons like swords and shields. You also need to craft potions.

2. Farming Simulation 19 Platinum Edition

Genre: Simulation Game

Take your farming experience to another level! This game has a touch of realism. You can easily be familiarized with the game mechanics. To explain the game mechanics in a few words, you need to plant, harvest, and sell.

There are plenty of crops that you can grow and sell into your own field. First, you need to choose between two field locations. Feel free to choose between Ravenport and Felsbrunn. To help you decide, you check their economic statuses to figure out where the best location is. Once you are decided where to begin your farming journey, you can choose the entire land where the field is located then modify its size based on your preference.

Time to start! Grow and sell different types of crops such as corn, wheat, oats, barley, and beets. The process could take a while since it has a touch of realism. You need to sow and make sure that the soil is well-fertilized.

This is the exciting part of the game because once the crops are ready for transportation. You can choose which tractors to use. Tractors differ in size. There are three categories such as Light, Medium, and Heavy.

You can choose which tractor to use based on the weight of the goods that you are going to transport. Each tractor differs in engine and speed also. To give you some ideas, there is Fiat 1300 DT (light tractor), CaselH 7200 Pro Series (medium tractor), and John Deere 7R Series (heavy tractor). Once you decide which tractor to use, it is time to transport the harvested goods to one of the selling points. By selling goods, you will earn money.

3. Gang Beasts

Genre: Beat ’Em Up / Fighting / Party / Action-Adventure Game

If you ever played Human Flat Fall, the concept of this game is kind of similar to that one. However, this game is more vibrant and fun to play. Gang Beasts is an Xbox One X deal that you and your friends will enjoy to play. This game allows 1 up to 4 players.

The character customization of this game is superb! We super love how the characters look like and of course, their costumes. They all look fun and amazing.

Now let’s talk about its gameplay that will bring loads of fun! The game mechanic is quite simple and it involves physical abilities. Your character can punch and kick the opponent because the number one goal of this game is to simply defeat your opponents. Once they are knocked out, you can throw them on the edge of buildings. That is so funny especially when you play the actual game.

The characters look funny because they are floppy and soft. You have lots of game options to play. To name some, you can play in Football Mode or Waves Mode.

In Football mode, you need to score by kicking the ball. While in Waves mode, you will be fighting with the opponents. Overall, this game might be similar to Human Fall Flat but the gaming experience is outstanding on its own.

4. Immortals Fenyx Rising

Genre: Action-Adventure Game

Explore a beautiful and vibrant landscape in this amazing open-world game. Be the hero that saves the gods from evil. In this game, you will play as Fenyx. He is a Greek soldier that was stranded in the Golden Isle. Your main mission is to rescue Greek gods from the evil titan named Typhon. This evil titan is taking revenge on the Greek gods because Zeus and the Greek gods from Tartaros exiled him away.

This game is definitely an Xbox One X deal because of its interesting Mythological concept. If you are one of those people that enjoy game plots that associate Greek Mythology, then this is the best Xbox One X deal that you should try.

There are a total of 7 regions that you will be exploring in the game. What makes this game more fantastic is that each region represents a Greek god! Take a look at this region list and see which Greek gods represent each region:

  • Clashing Rocks = Hermes
  • Valley of Eternal Spring = Aphrodite
  • War’s Den = Ares
  • Grove Of Kleos = Athena
  • The Forgelands = Hephaistos
  • King’s Peak = Zeus
  • Gates Of Tartators = Typhon

Since you are battling with monsters and Greek gods, you need to upgrade your weapons such as swords, axes, and bows. You also need to collect chests and solve puzzles throughout the game.

5. Mafia Definitive Edition

Genre: Action-Adventure Game

One of the classic mafia games of all time! Mafia Definitive Edition is an Xbox One X deal that you should play right now. Hands down to its well-written narrative. Play as the iconic mafia named Tommy Angelo who was once a hardworking cab driver but not anymore.

Tommy became a Soldato. A Soldato is basically a soldier that started as an associate in the group who actually proved themselves already. He belongs to the Salieri Crime Family. Before, Tommy was known as a very hardworking driver but now, he is known as one of the most dangerous and powerful gangsters in the city.

You will be playing in a third-person view. There are plenty of neighborhoods that you are going to explore such as Beech Hill Lighthouse, Berry Wood Creek, and East River.

There are also buildings and businesses that are going to be featured in this game such as Black Cat Bar, Fuel Shacks, Gentleman’s Club. When you visit these buildings, you may encounter some antagonists named Don Morello, Luca Gurino, and Brian O’Neill. Tommy has lots of enemies. You don’t know who your real friends are because you can’t trust anybody in this game.

There are also fun free ride missions that you can enjoy in this game. To name some, you can try The Crazy Horse, Dock Block, and Electric Trick Track. Since there are plenty of enemies, you need some weapons to protect yourself. Tommy can use his gold pistol, pocket revolver, and lupara to kill the enemies.

6. Maneater

Genre: Action-Adventure / Role-Playing Game

Another Xbox One X deal that you should check out right now is Maneater. In this game, you will not be playing as a human character but as a female bull shark. The story is beautiful and sad. Her mother was caught and killed by a fisherman when she was still inside her mother’s belly. Her development inside her mother’s belly is still incomplete that makes her disfigured.

This is a dangerous open-world game. As you play your female bull shark character, you need to make sure that you survive the hazardous and cruel ocean world of the Gulf Coast. You don’t have any weapons here but you can use your jaws, uncanny ability, and wits.

Get ready to explore 4 unsafe ocean worlds in the game such as Dead Horse Lake, Golden Shores, Sapphire Bay, and Caviar Key. Throughout your journey in these ocean worlds, a character progression will happen. You can develop your body parts such as your teeth, tail, head, and fin. There is a character evolution that ties the story of the game. There are a total of 5 evolution tiers in this game.

Aside from your body parts development, your skills are going to be developed too. You are going to be stronger and your special abilities like damage, resistance, and speed will get stronger too.

Overall, this game is remarkable! From the storyline to action scenes, you will definitely enjoy every single moment of this game. We hope that by the end of the game, justice will be served to you and your mother shark’s character.

Add-To-Cart Now

Finally, you have come to the end. Which Xbox One X deal caught your attention and made you excited? Which video game character would you like to play next? Do you want to be a mafia? How about a floppy soft character? Or maybe you would like to be a female bull shark that seeks revenge? The characters that we talked about in this article are pretty diverse!

In Dragons: Dawn Of New Riders, you will experience how to train a dragon. If you want to experience farming, the perfect game for you is Farming Simulator 19 Platinum Edition. Do you want to team up with friends and defeat the enemies by tossing them to the edge of the building? Gang Beasts is the answer to that.

Maybe, you like to be a hero by saving Greek gods? Immortals Fenyx Rising can make you feel like a hero! If you want to fight with bad guys and gangsters, Mafia Definitive Edition is the best game for that category. But if you are tired of beating goons and villains, maybe it’s the right time to play as a bull shark that seeks revenge for her and her mother’s death.

It is clear that each video game proves that they are best-sellers because of their well-written storyline and gameplay.




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