5 Must Buy GBC Games That Are Still Worth Playing

6 min readMar 9, 2021

What makes our childhood complete and memorable is when Gameboy Color was released in 1998. Gameboy Color is a handheld video game console developed by Nintendo. It is one of the most popular video game consoles back then. Many retro gamers still have their own Gameboy Color because this is a treasure that should be kept forever. If you would look into the design of Gameboy Color, it looks like a toy because of the fun color selections and design. However, there are lots of incredible Gameboy Color games that you should check out.

What are the best video games to check out when you buy GBC games? Here are the 5 must buy GBC games that are still worth playing nowadays:

  • Croc 2
  • Mega Man Xtreme
  • Mickey’s Racing Adventure
  • Pokemon Gold/Silver
  • Shantae

Simple graphics but fun gameplay — these are the features that you will experience when you buy GBC games and play them with your Gameboy Color console. If you would compare these must-buy GBC games to the latest Nintendo Switch video games, it is reasonable that they are far from each other but they have one thing in common. And it is the fantastic gaming experience that they offer to every single gamer out there.

Exciting Gameboy Color Games To Play

1. Croc 2

Genre: Action / Platform

Overview: Croc 2 is one of the best platform games that you should check out when you buy GBC games. In this game, the player will assume to play the role of a crocodile named Croc. The game plot revolves around Croc fulfilling his mission. It all started in Gobbo Valley. Croc was having fun playing on a beach. Suddenly, he saw a bottle with a message inside it. Croc is tasked by King Rufus to search for the crocodiles who sent the message and ask for help in finding their child.

The gameplay of Croc 2 features several missions to complete. There are different types of game levels such as Normal Levels, Guardian Battles, and Golden Gobbo Level. Each level will take place in the four villages associated with The Mainland. Each level has a different objective to accomplish. Some of the missions would be collecting colored crystals, rescuing another trapped Gobbo, and collecting a trophy from each village. Light combat is also present in the game. Croc can use his tail to attack the enemies and protect his health to stay alive until the end of each level.

2. Mega Man Xtreme

Genre: Action / Adventure / Platform

Overview: Mega Man Xtreme is one of the best video games from the series. You shouldn’t miss this out when you buy GBC games. In this game, you are going to play the role of the titular protagonist. The game takes place in the 22nd century. During this time, humans and Reploids both exist in the world. If you haven’t played this game and you have no idea what Reploids are, they are known as intelligent androids in Mega Man Xtreme.

In this game, the player will fight against Techno. He is a hacker coming from a band called the Shadow Hunters. Techno is indeed evil because he hacked the system of the world’s Mother Computer causing the Mavericks to spread fear and darkness. Mavericks are a group of Reploids. As the protagonist, you must put an end to this chaos. The protagonist is equipped with an X-Buster Arm Cannon perfect for defeating the enemies and bosses.

3. Mickey’s Racing Adventure

Genre: Action / Adventure / Racing

Overview: In case you’re wondering if racing games exist during the release of Gameboy Color, well there are numerous racing games that you can play with this handheld video game console. One of the best racing games that you should check when you buy GBC games is Mickey’s Racing Adventure. The game features a single-player racing gameplay mode. There are different types of circuit tracks to race such as land and water. There are 4 locations presented in the game. These locations are different in race tracks. There are plenty of options when it comes to race tracks.

The game features 5 racers including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Goofy. The player can also visit Mickey’s Hometown, Casey Junior Junction, Magica De Spell’s Home, Chip ’n’ Dale’s Treehouse Glade, and Ludwig Von Drake’s Garage and Test Track. Some of the vehicles used in racing are cars and boats.

4. Pokémon Gold/Silver

Genre: Adventure / Role-Playing Game

Overview: Pokémon is one of the most popular video games ever. Gameboy Color features Pokémon Gold/Silver and it is even better to play in simple pixelated graphics. This is why Pokémon Gold/Silver is worth checking out when you buy GBC games. The game is also playable in a third-person top-down perspective. Just like most Pokémon video games, the game revolves around interacting with people, catching different types of Pokémon, and encountering a legendary Pokémon. If you want to be the best Pokémon trainer ever, you should explore the grassy fields, caves, and seas to catch lots of Pokémon.

Aside from catching different types of Pokémon, the player will also battle with the Elite Four. In order to be the new champion, the player should also defeat a Pokémon Master named Lance. Collecting different items is also part of the game. A berry can restore the Pokémon’s health or it can cure a Pokémon’s which has been poisoned.

5. Shantae

Genre: Platform

Overview: In case you have plans to buy GBC games, you should check out Shantae. In this game, the player will control the titular protagonist. The main mission of the lead character is to defeat evil. But before that, let’s go back to where it all started.

The game is set up in a magical place known as Sequin Land. This beautiful magnificent place is protected by the Guardian Genies. The Guardian Genies fell in love with mortal men and that is when half-genies were born including Shantae. One day, Guardian Genies started to disappear. There is a theory that the Guardian Genies were captured and trapped inside bottles. Shantae, one of the half-genies, decided to gather the other half-genies to protect the magical place and nearby towns from evil monsters and find the Guardian Genies. One of Shantae’s abilities is her ponytail. By using her ponytail, she can perform a crude whip to defeat the enemies.

Final Remarks

Old but gold — this is what Gameboy Color showed us through the years. The gaming experience when it comes to playing Gameboy Color video games is unbeatable. We wouldn’t mind the pixelated characters and settings. In fact, there are still lots of developers nowadays that use pixel art style in video games. How nostalgic!




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