A PlayStation 4 Deal Overlooked By Many

There are bunches of fantastic video games out there that could be well-known or overlooked by many. Since there are lots of video games to choose from, some video games were not given the same attention. There are times that these video games were underrated but in reality, these video games can offer phenomenal experience. Today, we will acknowledge these video games and figure out what they can offer to gamers.

Take a look at these video games. Have you heard of them or played with them? Here are some of the underrated yet amazing PlayStation 4 video games that you can check out:

  • CounterSpy
  • Helldivers
  • Inside
  • Lords Of The Fallen
  • Mad Max
  • Never Alone
  • Nex Machina
  • Overcooked 2
  • Pyre
  • Shadow Warrior 2

Each video game from the list is definitely a PlayStation 4 deal. We got some action role-playing games here and some platform games too! You will definitely get what you paid for with these PS4 games because each one of them is a PlayStation 4 deal that was overlooked by many. It is like we found some long-lost treasures and we love to share them with you. Now, let’s dig into these underrated gems!

A PlayStation 4 Deal Collection


Genre: Stealth Game

Let’s begin with this one. CounterSpy is definitely a PlayStation 4 deal. A lot of people haven’t played this one but it is surely an enjoyable side-scrolling stealth game. You will play as a shadowy agent who was assigned to find launch plans and sabotage nuclear programs before these nuclear programs destroy the whole world.

The overall setting of the game is truly artistic. Everything perfectly fits the agent vibe of the game. The atmosphere is impeccable and the gameplay is satisfying indeed.

There are different types of approaches when it comes to gunplay. You can silently kill the enemies by simply sneaking behind a wall and performing classic headshots. The slow-motion feature when you fire bullets at the enemies looks excellent and adds texture to the fantastic gunplay.

To name some of the best weapons that you can use and upgrade later on in the game, CounterSpy has a high-powered assault rifle, powerful shotgun, and diplomatic pistol. Take note that each level is also randomly generated.


Genre: Shoot ’Em Up Game

This co-op shoot ’em up video game is a PlayStation 4 deal that you should play now. Helldivers is a game that has the feature of a twin-stick shooter. You need to form tactical strategies with your teammates in order to win the battle.

The setting takes place in space that’s why this game is focused on galactic war. You will be battling with different types of enemy species that will do everything to knock you down. Aside from facing these enemies, you also need to complete some objectives in the game.

With its beautiful graphics, you will be in awe when you start playing this game. There are different planet environments where most of your battles will take place in. To name some, Helldivers’ planet environments are a desert, snow, forest, volcanic, and city kind of planet.

You will be facing enemies in the category of Illuminate Homeworlds, Cyborgs, and Bugs. One way to fight them is to use powerful weapons like sidearms, assault rifles, and laser tech.


Genre: Platform / Adventure Game

A mysterious and haunting concept makes this video game a PlayStation 4 deal. If there is one word to describe this game, it is beautiful. You will play as a boy wearing a red shirt but he doesn’t have any name. The question is what is his identity? And why is he roaming around a heavily fortified facility?

This game is surely a mind-boggling one until the end. You will be solving different puzzles with no guide or instructions provided. There is also a part where you will be in a one-man submarine or being chased by wolves. There is no weapon in this one because this is not a combat-type of game. This game focuses on jumping and interacting series.

Yes, you can die because some characters might shoot you. With that, you are able to figure out what to do next time. The camera angle is pretty impressive especially when you jump to places. Most of the time, you will be using your problem-solving skills to complete the puzzles.

There is no solid explanation about the character but there is a theory that he was controlled by scientists. For confirmation, it is for you to find out!

Lords Of The Fallen

Genre: Action / Role-Playing Game

With its breathtaking fantasy world and chaotic action combat, Lords of the Fallen proved that it is a PlayStation 4 deal. If you haven’t played this one, you are missing big time. The story revolves around Harkyn who is a convicted criminal that was given a chance for redemption and killed all enemies.

This game has a lot to offer. The concept isn’t that unique but it is surely entertaining. Your character named Harkyn can cast spells too while doing combo attacks with the enemy. There are 3 Magic Type Selections to choose from such as Brawling, Deception, and Solace. These three magic types are powerful.

You will be fighting with beasts and annihilators which are also known as Rogers. The atmosphere is superb and you will definitely enjoy every moment in a third-person view. While performing other objectives, there are enemies that will block and attack you. In that case, you need to protect yourself and fight with them using swords, daggers, and great hammers.

Mad Max

Genre: Action / Adventure / Sci Fi Game

Mad Max is a PlayStation 4 deal that will shock you with its great performance. The story revolves around Max who was once a highway patrol officer. An apocalypse happened and Max became stronger than a usual human being. He became mutated to radiation which means that you can’t be easily beaten up.

Since Max became a survivor, he was looking for fuel and car parts to fix his vehicle. However, in his simple journey of looking for these resources, he meets a group of war boys that keeps on testing his patience and strength. These psychotic boys are trying to kill him by bumping him with a car. Since Max became stronger, he can’t die easily but it will definitely affect his health.

This video game includes a lot of vehicular battles too. The heart-pounding combat between him and the war boys is truly gratifying. Since this is an open-world game, you will be meeting a lot of characters that will help you with your journey or make your journey even worse. You will gather abilities, resources, and weapons.

To name some of the best weapons that you will gather, we have a homemade shotgun, gut gash’ rifle, and a sawed-off double-barrel shotgun.

Never Alone

Genre: Platform Game

Never Alone is a PlayStation 4 deal because you can play this game in solo or local co-op mode. This game also includes cultural and traditional insights regarding Native Alaskans. With that being said, you will play as Nuna — an Alaskan Native with a strong-will to figure out the reason for the devastating storm and save their village.

In this journey, you are never alone because you have your fox friend with you to help you throughout the game. This game is free-combat and is composed of jumping and climbing series. Since this is a platform game, expect to solve multiple types of puzzles.

The only hindrances in this game are dangerous storms and wild polar bears. Overall, this game is enjoyable and educational. The atmosphere is beautiful. Visually stunning, indeed.

Nex Machina

Genre: Shoot ’Em Up Game

Nex Machina is a PlayStation 4 deal that you shouldn’t miss. You must play this game next after you finish what you are currently playing. Immerse yourself in the colorful vibrant setting of Nex Machina. The art styles are on point and this game screams too much aesthetic!

You will play in a third-person top-down perspective. The gameplay mechanic is pretty simple but satisfying. You will be shooting waves to enemies in different rooms. These enemies occurred during the robot apocalypse. To save humanity, you need to banish these enemies.

This game is ground-based levels and can be played by two players due to its co-op setting. You need upgrades and bonus points to level up. In each level, you need to destroy a certain number of enemies and rescue humans.

There are a total of 15 levels including the boss battle. You will be playing in these wonderful worlds — Techno Forest, Crystal Mountain, Fire Cavern, Machine City, Future Labs, and Space Station. To name some of the weapons, you can use a laser, power shot, and smart bomb.

Overcooked 2

Genre: Simulation / Action Game

Overcooked 2 is a PlayStation 4 deal because it takes your cooking experience to another level. Play in wild fantastic kitchen settings. The main goal of this game is to chop, cook, and throw foods to different kitchens until you complete orders. There is a strategy when throwing foods from one platter to another platter. It is crazy but it is fun to play even if it is quite hard.

This is not your typical restaurant because unlike most restaurants that are built on land, in this game, you will be cooking in the kitchens designed in hot air balloons, water rafting, and wizard school. The gaming experience is hilarious and insane!

You can play in solo or co-op mode. When you play solo, you need to switch between two chefs cooking and preparing the food. But, if you chose to play in co-op mode with your friend, it is much better. Each world that you will be playing is vibrant and colorful which makes this game more fun to play.


Genre: Action / Sports / Role-Playing Game

Pyre is a PlayStation 4 deal because of the dynamic features of the game. It has a beautiful story and concept of forming a mystical sports team. Your team will compete in an arcane ritual called The Trials. Of course, you need to win this game.

There are also side missions that you need to complete. In terms of playing The Trials part, it is fast-paced combat. There are a total of 10 opponents that you will be facing in the game and these characters are also members of the opponent team. Some of the strongest opponents that you will be facing are Almer Oldheart, Sir Deluge, and Lendel.

Since your opponents are strong enough to knock you down, here are some of the best playable characters that you can choose. Feel free to choose between 10 playable characters like Betrude, Vagabond, and Volfred Sandalwood. Common weapons used in this game are a sword, bow, and trident.

Shadow Warrior 2

Genre: First Person Shooter Game

Last but not least, Shadow 2 Warrior — a PlayStation 4 deal that will hold your breath while playing the actual game. This first-person shooter game is indeed fantastic! So, if you love shooter games, we highly recommend this one.

You have two options — play it in solo mode or co-op mode. Well, it is much better to play it with your friends to experience phenomenal gunplays. The game is visually stunning with its well-detailed world.

You need to kill interdimensional demons before you are the one being dead. You also need to upgrade weapons and look for loot. Jumping, dashing, and firing are the common gameplay mechanics of Shadow Warrior 2. Melee and range combats are also needed to completely kill the demons.

There are three varieties of weapons in the game like Ordinary, Chi-tech, and Ancient weapons. Some of these are swords, short blades, and heavy firearms.

Final Remarks

Have you crossed your path with these games? I bet you were intrigued by them. There you have it! Being underrated doesn’t mean that these games don’t deliver quality performance because they do. Each video game is a PlayStation 4 deal that you shouldn’t miss. Once you play the game, you will be so happy that you found a gem. Feel free to share these games with your friends. Happy gaming!




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