Choose The Best PS3 Game Deal From The Top 10 Interesting Sandbox Video Games

10 min readJan 22, 2021

Having the freedom of movement in the game definitely adds an exciting factor to the player’s gameplay. You are able to explore the open-world setting of the game. You can experience this activity when you play Sandbox types of games. Just like the world “sandbox”, it means that you can only play inside that certain world. You need to accomplish the goals in every sandbox game.

There are a plethora of interesting games that you can play with your PlayStation 3. With that, we made a PS3 game deal list. Here are our recommendations for exciting PS3 sandbox games:

  • Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen
  • Driver: San Francisco
  • Infamous 2
  • Prototype 2
  • Saints Row IV
  • Sleeping Dogs
  • Terraria
  • Test Drive Unlimited 2
  • The Sims 3
  • Watch Dogs

Each PS3 game deal is a fun sandbox game and comes with other genres too. These genres are action, racing, and simulation games. If you love to play with your PlayStation 3 console, let’s begin digging into these games!

Best Sandbox Games (PS3)

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

PS3 Game Deal #1

In this game, you have to complete several quests while fighting against tons of creepy monsters. In your journey, you are going to be accompanied by Paws. These characters will help you with combat mechanics since you are battling with enemies.

You are going to explore the cursed island of Bitterblack Isle. This island is where you are going to conquer quests. When you explore the island, you are also going to discover some treasures with collectibles inside.

When it comes to character customization, you can choose among 3 classes. The three character classes’ choices are a fighter, a strider, and a mage. Each class has its own strength and special ability. There are also weapons associated with each class. Some weapons would be a dagger, longbow, and warhammer.

You have to finish the main story of your chosen character class. You need to complete missions and accomplish objectives. Once you finish the main story of your chosen character, you will have the freedom to change your character’s class and play in this mode.

Driver: San Francisco

PS3 Game Deal #2

What makes this game interesting is that your character’s gameplay will take place in his dream while it is actually happening in real life also. You are going to play the role of John Tanner. He is a police detective. Unfortunately, he fell into a coma. However, even though he fell into a coma, he was able to plan on how he will catch Charles Jericho in his dream which is also happening in real life.

There are 19 game modes to choose from. You can also play in a split-screen setting. Invite your friends and play in online multiplayer mode. Some of the game modes that you can access in this game are cops & robbers, trailblazer, and sprint GT.

Each game mode has its own main objective. When you play in trailblazer mode, you are just going to simply follow an AI-controlled car. If you succeed to hunt down this car, you will earn points. In order to chase the car, you are also going to ride vehicles. Some of these are McLaren, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Shelby, and Ruf Automobile.

Infamous 2

PS3 Game Deal #3

You will assume to play the role of Cole. This guy has super abilities. Just like in the first Infamous video game, Cole’s actions will affect his surroundings. That’s why you are responsible for whether to perform good or evil actions towards other people. Keep in mind that this game associates with the Karma system so you better check on Cole’s actions once in a while.

The game takes place in a fictional city. The main city that you will be exploring is called New Marais. It is divided into 4 districts. You are also going to explore Gas Works, Ville Cochon, Ascension Parish, and Flood Town. There are side missions that you will be accomplishing in each district.

Cole has 6 base powers — bolts, blasts, grenades, rockets, miscellaneous powers, and ionic powers. Since the gameplay revolves around the Karma System, once you start the game, your action will reflect whether in level 1 Good Karma or level 1 Evil Karma.

Prototype 2

PS3 Game Deal #4

For the love of family, you are going to take revenge and hunt down every single person that is involved in the killing incident of your wife and daughter. The player will take the role of the protagonist named Sgt. James Heller. Such horrible news to find out right after coming home from your dismissal! This is another war that you will be facing.

Your main mission is to take down Alex Mercer — a horrible human that made the Blacklight virus in order to have his own redemption. The game takes place in New York Zero which is known as New York City before the virus has occurred.

There is a place called Red Zone inside New York Zero. This place is called the Red Zone because the hazard level in this area is definitely high. Once you explore the Red Zone, you are going to meet lots of non-playable characters. You will be fighting against some of them.

Another side mission that you need to accomplish is about collecting a Blackbox. When you find a Blackbox, you will obtain a mutation ability reward. In order to fulfill the missions, you need some powerful weapons such as a pistol, missile launcher, assault rifle, grenade launcher, and machine gun.

Saints Row IV

PS3 Game Deal #5

In this game, you are not just going to be the leader of a pact but you are going to be the President of the United States. You start by being the leader of the most powerful and most popular street gang in the world. But today, you will play the role of the US President that will oppose the alien invasion in the country.

Aside from using weapons such as energy swords, stun guns, and baseball bats to fight against these enemies, you are also bestowed a great number of superpowers. These superpowers are called elemental powers. You have the ability to shoot fire and ice projectiles at enemies. The player’s speed also increased. Another super ability is telekinesis.

This game allows exploration in leisure mode. You can ride vehicles and explore the place. Some of these vehicles are Bootlegger, Churchhill, DonoVan, Genkimobile, and Mockingbird.

You also have the ability to jump over buildings and cause shockwaves when you land on the ground. You are going to play in a third-person perspective. Other activities will revolve around shooting, brawling, and fighting aliens and zombies.

Sleeping Dogs

PS3 Game Deal #6

The game takes place in Hong Kong. There are also 4 places fictionally located in Hong Kong where you will most likely explore. These places are North Point, Central, Aberdeen, and Kennedy Town.

You will be playing the role of a police officer named Wei Shen. Unfortunately, during a drug deal operation, Wei was sent to jail. Inside the jail, you are going to be reunited with your childhood friend. His name is Jackie Ma. Your childhood friend is going to recruit you in his gang once you get out of jail.

This time, Wei is going to work under the leader of the “Water Street Gang” — Winston Chu. In order to be trustworthy enough to join the gang, you are going to work with several missions tasked by Winston.

One of the missions that you need to fulfill is to win back the territory from the Jade Gang. You will be facing Dogeyes, the leader of your rival’s gang. Some weapons that you can use to fight against these people are handguns, submachine guns, shotguns, and assault rifles.


PS3 Game Deal #7

A fun and exciting game that allows the player to perform different types of activities such as crafting, building, and exploring. This game features a procedurally generated world in 2D mode. Most of the places that you will be exploring are caves. You need to gather tools and other collectibles to upgrade your character’s abilities.

You are also going to monitor your character’s health and mana. These features are low at first but as the game progresses, they will increase. Finding resources is essential for crafting new items. Some of the most important items that you need to acquire are a gold ring, greedy ring, coin ring, celestial magnet, and celestial emblem.

There are 3 chapters featured in Terraria. Aside from Story Mode, you are going to play the following chapters: Slime Rain, New Island, and Hard Mode.

Test Drive Unlimited 2

PS3 Game Deal #8

A racing game with a storyline to follow is the main focus of Test Drive Unlimited 2. There are 60 levels that you will be playing in this game. The main objective of each level is to earn XP (experience points) in order for your character to level up.

The story revolves around a racer. This racer is offered to join several racing tournaments. You are going to compete with tons of racers. Your main mission is to be the grand winner of the Solar Crown Cup. There are 4 categories where you can obtain points. These categories are Competition, Social, Discovery, and Collection.

In Competition mode, you have to complete challenges while racing against non-playable characters. While in Social mode, you have to join clubs and race against other players. During Discovery mode, your mission is to take snapshots of specific locations and discover all other roads in the game. In Collection mode, you need to purchase your player’s needs such as cars, houses, and clothing.

There are 176 vehicles in total. You have the freedom to choose among these vehicles and use them in racing against other players. Some of these vehicles are BMW, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Mazda, and Lotus.

The Sims 3

PS3 Game Deal #9

This game has been one of the best simulation games ever! The Sims 3 allows the player to make their own Sim. You can choose your gender, physical attributes, and traits. Playing this game gives you so much freedom. From which place your Sims will live up to your Sims’ career, you are in full control.

You also have to check your Sims’ needs every now and then. Monitor your Sims’ hunger and energy. When they are hungry, you can grab some food from the refrigerator or you can cook using the stove. When you start cooking, you are going to unlock the Cooking Skill. Watch out because most of the time, Sims that are beginners in cooking get burned. It could also be the reason for their death.

Another exciting feature of this game is how you are going to earn money to live day by day. You need to pay bills. To supply your needs, you can apply for a job either full-time or part-time. If you are too lazy to get out of the house, you can simply paint and sell your paintings to acquire money.

Watch Dogs

PS3 Game Deal #10

You will play the role of Aiden Pearce. Your main mission is to get revenge on the people who killed your niece. In this game, you are going to play from a third-person perspective. You can also explore the world on foot or by hopping into a vehicle. The game takes place in Chicagoland. The place is said to be in the fictionalized version.

Aiden is a hacker. He is able to control different things using his smartphone. He can navigate trains and control traffic lights. Aiden can also access the security systems of some establishments. He can access important information and it helps in hunting down the enemy.

There are melee weapons that you can use for light combat such as a baton, wrench, and taser. During action combat, you can use handguns, submachine guns, and shotguns. A day-and-night cycle is also featured in this game. The dynamic weather system also adds texture to the game.

Final Remarks

Playing sandbox games is a great way to use your PlayStation 3. You can play these games in solo or online multiplayer mode. Some of the games that we shared with you are playable in any of these modes. Which of each PS3 game deal excites you the most? Happy gaming!




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